The Orlando Eye


One thing we decided that we had to check out while in Florida was The Orlando Eye. When we were on our Star Wars Weekend/Disney trip back in May we decided to venture out of the parks because they were just so over crowded with people. We ended up driving our rental car to International Drive to check out the new I-Live 360 experience. The Orlando Eye, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and the Sea Life Orlando Aquarium  make up the I-Live 360 establishment. We were lucky enough to have time to check out all 3 and we previously posted our experience at Madame Tussaud’s here.

Our experience was really great! Laura is quite afraid of heights so she was a little hesitant as we were boarding but in the end she did just fine. To explain a little bit, this isn’t really your typical ferris wheel. This is a far better experience than riding one at a carnival. At carnivals you are seated in an open chair that takes you around where as this one differs because you are placed in an enclosed air conditioned capsule. There is also a small bench to sit down on and a pole to hold onto.

As the wheel begins to move the pace is really slow and gentle. The capsule does not sway and it doesn’t even feel like you are moving. Laura found this extremely helpful and made her feel far more comfortable than she would have been on a regular ferris wheel.

Here are some pictures we were able to take during our ride-






If you look really closely at the one above you can see Universal Studios!




The last 3 pictures above show more of the actual capsules.


And we can’t forget about Dave checking out the scenery!

There was only one thing that we found we really didn’t enjoy about The Orlando Eye. As you enter to begin boarding you are asked to take some pictures so we obliged and took them. Once we were done with our ride and exiting The Eye area there were employees there waiting to sell us on a book full of facts about Orlando and our pictures. We ended up buying them because we liked the pictures but we just felt that there was a pushiness about the whole picture experience.

Here are those pictures-



Overall we had a really pleasant ride on The Orlando Eye. It seems as though it’s one of those things that once you’ve done it you never really have to do it again. We also heard on the news that there have been problems with it and it’s been temporarily shut down a few times. We don’t really know any of the details but we are sure glad that we had no problems when we visited.

Do you think this would be something you would enjoy doing? Let us know in the comments!


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