My First Birch Box


I finally decided to purchase my first Birch Box. I was able to find a deal where another blogger had posted about their month’s Birch Box and the opportunity to purchase it for only $1.00. The sale only included the first box for that price and each additional box would then be the regular price of $10.00. I decided to give it a go because what did I really have to lose? Even if I ended up hating all the items it would have only costed me $1.00 and I had the opportunity to cancel further monthly subscriptions.

Having said all of that I have to admit that I wasn’t overly thrilled with the contents of this Birch Box. I have been subscribing to Ipsy Bag for a little while now and I seem to prefer their month’s items. I’m going to give Birch Box another try and see what comes next month. Hopefully they can redeem themselves.

Here is what my box contained-


Content Guide



Catherine Malandrino Style De Paris Perfume

This is a perfume that designer Catherine Malandrino created. It is her first perfume that is described as “mingling bright fruits and florals for an elegant vibe.” This is only a sample size but the full size retails between $65-$110. I unfortunately won’t be able to wear this because I am sensitive to scents and just sitting here with the perfume in front of me is already giving me a headache which totally stinks because I actually really like the smell, apparently my body does not! If you can wear perfumes without having any reactions, unlike me, I would suggest checking this perfume out. I do really like it but I just don’t react well to perfumes or colognes. For me, it has to be a very soft body spray, typically in a fruity smell.


Marcelle BB Cream- Golden Glow

I have never used the Marcelle brand but I am excited to try this out. This BB cream is used to cover up any skin imperfections, like acne marks and helps to even out your skin tone. I will be giving this a try because I have terrible acne and even some acne scarring that I hope can be less visible after using this cream. This is a sample size that contains .24 Oz. The full size retails at $27.00


Marcelle waterproof eyeliner

This eyeliner is supposed to be waterproof so as not to run down your face. I am going to give it a try because that is the biggest issue I have with eyeliner. Typically when I wear it, it will run down my face giving me the raccoon look, not very pretty! I prefer black eyeliner but this one is in Indigo which is a deep blue color. It’s quite dark so I might be able to get away with it, it almost looks like a black color.  This is .028 Oz. and retails for $11.00.


Number 4- Leave in Conditioner

This is a leave in hair conditioner that is said to help with detangling, provide color protection and help strengthen and nourish hair. It is to be sprayed on the hair after shampooing and conditioning hair and is to be left in and not rinsed out. I have extremely dry hair which shows any grease in my hair like it’s being put on a spotlight so I don’t know if this will work for me. Generally anything “leave in” doesn’t work well with my hair. I’m going to give it a try anyways because maybe it could work. This is a sample size, 1 fl. oz. but a full size retails at $32.00


Supergoop- Everyday sunscreen SPF 50

Now this is something I am excited to try. My husband and myself always sunburn so we will be trying this out, especially because sun burns are really not good for your skin. I typically will buy the highest SPF I can find, although it is said that just because it has a high SPF doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work well. I typically prefer sunscreens that can be sprayed on rather than cream ones, mostly because when we use it the most, at theme parks, we don’t really like it to be all over our hands. Although if it works well we’d be willing to deal with it on our hands. This is a sample size, 34 fl. oz. and the full size retails between $19-$48.


L. Erickson- Grab & Go Ponytail holder 

For me, this is the most disappointing thing in this latest Birch Box. I’m assuming this is some top of the line ponytail holder but unfortunately I have no interest in it. I’ve gotten myself into the habit of not wearing my hair in a ponytail mostly for work related reasons and it’s seemed to carry over in my everyday life. This retails for $18.00 which seems to be extremely high priced, especially for one! I’m not too sure about the quality either. I haven’t even used it yet and it already has some snags in the outer material. If it’s already doing that without any use I would highly doubt that it would withstand every day use.

So that concludes the contents of my very first Birch Box. Overall most of the items I will be trying out but I must admit that compared to Ipsy, for me personally, I prefer Ipsy. I’m going to give Birch Box another go and see what the next box contains. At that point I will probably re-evaluate my subscription and figure out if I will continue to get more Birch Boxes.

Do you subscribe to either Birch Box or Ipsy? If so which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “My First Birch Box”

  1. I got some of these same items. be sure to review them all for the points. I have one bit of advice: I think you can prevent getting more hair stuff (accessories they call it) by adjusting your profile thing (the part where you put in your skin tone, hair type, etc). You may still get an “accessory” now and then, but I have that bit marked as “nope” and really never get those types of items. I also marked “nope” on random food things. Also the perfume, you cannot totally stop that, but can tick off the box to only send at most 6 per year I think. I have that ticked off as perfume samples just are not something I need more of and I seem to dislike all the scents Birchbox sends! They really should have a 100% unscented box option as you are not the only one who can’t deal with scents. I have had friends who get massive headaches from scents, its a real thing. Anyways, hope that helps!

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      1. yes, one of my friends, she got headaches even from fresh flowers, she said she loves how they look but just can’t have them nearby! this was at work, and unfortunately this one woman just would wear tons of perfume (and knew about my friend’s headaches), just inconsiderate. I tend to just wear my perfume at home, for my own thing, as I know how it is for some if I go out all smelly! oh let me know if you have trouble finding the spot on Birchbox to do all those settings. I could login and get more details.

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      2. I feel for your friend! I’ve been there! I once wanted the Tommy cologne by Tommy Hilfiger (years and years ago). My grandmother ended up buying me the whole kit and kaboodle for Christmas and spent quite a bit of money. Once I opened it I instantly got a headache and could never wear it. My sister would then steal it and use it and again instant headache! I wish I knew why that was. I can get away with fruity body sprays. The ones I’ve found to be the best for me are Victoria’s Secret, although I’m not able to wear all of their scents.

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