Ebay Jewelry Haul

I recently purchased a few pieces of jewelry through Ebay. They took a little while to be delivered because they had come from Asia but I finally got them so I will share them with you!

The first one that I got was a 3 piece ring set. They are all black and I really like them because they actually fit 3 of my fingers so I can wear them at the same time if I want to or I can wear them as individual pieces.


The next item I got was a little disappointing. I found it to be disappointing because it was described as a bracelet but it is actually a necklace that is layered a few times to be worn as a bracelet. I also didn’t realize that it has a swastika on it. Now in the Asian culture it is not used as the same symbol that has become known to represent Nazi Germany. It actually represents luck in the Hindu and Buddhist religions. The issue I have with this is that most people I know are unaware of it’s true symbolism and would be looking at me sideways if I wore it, even if I explained it’s origins.

One of my favorite items was this crown ring. My mother tells me that is looks like a claddagh ring but I’m not so sure I agree. Either way I really like it but I wish I had ordered one size bigger so that I can wear it on my middle finger. For now it will have to be worn on my ring finger.

Next up is a ring with two loops that is meant to be worn on one finger. In the middle of the 2 rings is a Hamsa with an evil eye in the middle. The Hamsa, or the hand is a Talisman. A Talisman is something that turns away harm. In this case, the Hamsa turns away the evil eye. It is used in many religions. In my Italian culture, the equivalent would be to wear a horn that is usually made out of gold or red coral.

The final thing I purchased was this ring that is a replica of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring that was formally Princess Diana’s engagement ring. I absolutely adored Princess Diana and have found the same admiration for Catherine. In the right picture I kept my normal ring on to show the true size. I have no idea if this replica ring is the same size as Catherine’s though. It seems to be rather large so I will probably only wear this as s statement piece.

What do you think about these new jewelry additions? Let me know in the comments!


18 thoughts on “Ebay Jewelry Haul”

  1. that’s cool. yes, the swastika is an old symbol (as you said) that the nazis “took” and now it has an very horrible meaning to many but that is not its true origins at all. seems like nice jewelry, I’m not a huge expert on jewelry though I do like simple sterling silver or real gold (which will not be found on eBay from sellers in China, so be careful, looks like you got what you expected though which is good).

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  2. though you did not say “China”. I just read a bunch on eBay, am active there. These items look like they are from India or Thailand though? or? am just curious. oh and I totally get how it would be uncomfortable to wear any sort of thing with that symbol you mentioned. actually eBay has banned most of that, but now a bunch more stuff is banned recently, mostly anything even slightly related to the confederate flag (amazon did too though, and other big selling areas). I don’t collect any of that type of controversial stuff, but some actually collect for legit historical reasons, its not just a simple issue with those items.

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      1. oh ok. yes I do not know what locations where that symbol is still “OK”. Well, eBay tends to promo all the China sellers even though they almost all have so much negative feedback (and will pressure you into changing that feedback to positive, and do some other not good things, tricking people). its all real sketchy. But all is fine here for you, you got your item as expected, others have received either nothing or something different or it arrives broken. if you did a basic search, all you would see is sellers from China as eBay favors them and they have different, easier rules to follow (this makes it hard for USA sellers to sell anything or even remain a seller). oh well. Also, just FYI, the reason shipping is free from China is their govt and our govt pay for the shipping (the ePacket). Our USPS is suffering and that is adding to the financial troubles they are having. Your package would have the sending address though the seller’s location should be on their profile as well.

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      2. well they are not all bad. I’ve just read the complaints (no one posts if they are happy typically). Obviously plenty of transactions go just fine. Anyways, my opinion on this general eBay topic is hugely unimportant. As long as you are happy with your purchase, that is all that matters here.

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      3. I’m happy but mostly because what I ordered was what I got. If for some reason I had thought I was getting really great quality stuff and what I ordered arrived then I would have been disappointed. I usually order nail related items from Ebay because it’s cheap and most of the items I can’t find around my area.

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      4. eBay is good for finding discontinued items or items that just are not sold near you, that is for sure. eBay seems to want to move away from that, though not like I really know, people do still shop on eBay for the stuff you cannot find elsewhere.

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  3. ok, wow, I’m disorganized. last bit of my “thoughts”. its just some do like to create a mini museum in their house with a theme. some do it with the theme of “military history” but generally as collect stuff from all involved in all military stuff and wars. My uncle has a bunch of stuff, displayed, though not military items. He’s just a collector, small stuff in display cases, larger items just in various spots. His theme, some general art, some just what I’d call “pretty things from a long time ago”. nothing controversial at his house though.

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    1. I’m a huge history/military buff but I don’t really collect things. The one thing I do have are old WWI Italian war medals that were my great grandfather’s for his service. Although I consider them to be more of a family heirloom than anything else. I can see how it could be construed for people that collect things for their historical value than for anything else.

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      1. I agree. I feel it’s important to know where ones roots come from. I’ve spent many years working on my family tree. Im first generation American so it’s difficult when all the records are not available here in the U.S. I was able to find out that my great grandfather not only received those war medals but was also knighted by the Italian govt.

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      2. Yes, finding the details is not easy. I only know the stuff I was told, the family stories (though there are many, many stories, that old school way of keeping the history). passed down. My grandma was born here but her brothers were born in Italy a year or two before her. The family came here right before WW1. The others, also immigrants but all around that same timeframe right before the first world war (Irish, etc). Yep, they were all very poor, my main teaching from Grandma (that I fail at a lot) is to not spend money. I try though. Doing better on not buying this month.

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      3. Oh that’s cool. I didn’t know you also had an Italian heritage! Being first generation American and being raised in a home with 2 generations of Italians, most people are confused with how I was raised. I guess I was raised more Italian than American which is strange because I probably wouldn’t fit in over there. I’ve been dying to get there because we still own my grandparents home. Do you know what area in Italy they are from?

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      4. my Italian side is from Sicily. oh it would be great to visit Italy! I was there once long ago, but just to Florence and Venice and it was unique and fun. I don’t think we really know family anymore in Sicily, though if I dug around there could be relatives there. Most of the family came here though, cousins, sisters, brothers. so not sure if anyone stayed in Sicily. maybe some did though.

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      5. Oh that’s really cool! Some of my family is taking a trip next year. I might just have to go with them! I know I still have some family in the Avellino area and others are now in Rome. Now that would be a fabulous trip! 🙂

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