Nail Art # 37- RainDrops


Awhile back I had suggested to Joy that she attempt to make a rain drop nail art look which she did. You can check out that post here. I also attempted the look but am only getting around to posting it now!

Here’s how I created this look.

  • I started out by applying a base coat by Nutra Nail.
  • Once dried I applied 2 coats of Navy by L.A. Colors.
  • After it was all dry I applied 2 coats of a matte finish by Pure Ice.
  • Again, after giving the matte enough drying time I used a clear top coat by Cina to make the raindrops. To do this I poured out a little bit of the top coat and used a dotting tool to apply each individual dot.

That wraps up the raindrops manicure. I find this look to be very simple to do and I love the way it looks. Plus I’m a huge fan of the matte top coat, I just love it!

Here is another look-



Have you tried this look? Let me know in the comments!


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