Horror Block- May 2015


I have to start off by apologizing because this Horror Block was from May. It arrived in the mail when we were away on vacation so it got put on the back burner until now! This particular box was really cool and we both really liked the contents. Here’s what came in May’s box-

Content Guide


Silent Hill t-shirt-

If you have an interest in similar t-shirts then check out Shirt Punch. This particular shirt was only available to Horror Block subscribers but somehow they manage to have 4 new designs available daily.


Horror Block Short Film Fest DVD-

This is a compilation DVD of entries submitted to Horror Block from people all around the world. The best entries were then  selected and added to this DVD making it Horror Block’s first DVD of this kind.


Hannibal Funkd Pop! Vinyl-

To celebrate Hannibal’s third season (starting in June) Horror Block chose to include a Pop! Vinyl. This may just be the cutest thing about Hannibal! We were sent #147 Will Graham but also included in the full collection is #146 Hannibal Lecter, #148 Jack Crawford, #149 Will Graham (different version than #147) and #150 Wendigo.


Weird Stats and Morbid Facts (book)-

This book is a special publication from Rue Morgue and is packed with strange trivia!

For instance, did you know that from July 1984 to September 1985, Ralston foods manufactured Gremlins Cereal as a tie-in to the movie?

Or did you know that in 1935, Romanian authorities banned films starring Mickey Mouse from theatres, citing concerns that the character might frighten children?


Rue Morgue-

This magazine is a must have for all horror fans! It’s full of previews, interviews and all things horror! The one included in May’s Horror Block is the June edition.


Creature From the Black Lagoon (collectible print)-

To celebrate the Creature’s 60th birthday, Horror Block included this black and white collectible print.

Well that wraps up all of May’s Horror Block. We have yet to receive June’s package so it should be arriving shortly. Hopefully that box will make it’s place on the blog in a more time friendly manner!


6 thoughts on “Horror Block- May 2015”

  1. This is super neat!!
    (New look is PERFECT!!! As in major & dead serious PERFECT! Love the new “About Us”. Seriously don’t change. I prefer black background too but now everything literally pops!)

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      1. Yes, its hard I know that. I was switching themes every other day looking for one I liked and trying to avoid a white background. Still not happy with the one I have but it will do for now. So just like anything else, hopefully the new one will grow on you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yea…. about that new theme!!! I just switched it completely again!!!! I think I am liking this one better! The hubby is going to come home and be like what did you do? lol


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