Target- Men’s Beauty Box June


This month I ordered Target’s Mens Beauty Box for June. Dave didn’t know that I was ordering it so I surprised him with it. When it came in I asked him to open it and he thought it was for me so he didn’t want to open it. After insisiting for about 5 minutes he finally opened it. Here is what was included in this month’s mens box.


Contents Guide


Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Razor


Axe Styling Messy Look Gel


Axe Styling Spiked Up Extra Hold Gel


Dove Men + Care Oxygen Charge Shampoo


Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

Overall I feel as though the value included in the box was worth the price of $5.00. The Gillette razor alone surpasses the price of the box. Dave’s perspective is a little different. He is only interested in about 1/2 of the boxes contents. He is starting to lose his hair so he can’t really style it so he has no interest in the Axe products. He doesn’t have much interest in continuing to get monthly boxes but I might just continue to get them for him anyways!

What do you think about the contents of Target’s June Men’s Beauty Box?


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