Nail Polish Haul and Swatches

I’ve got more new nail polishes to share with you!!!

This is a bottle of liquid palisades and I have no idea what it says on the bottle!!

Lime Splatter Glow in the Dark by Black Heart Beauty

Violet w/ blue glitter by Black Heart Beauty

Dimple by L.A. Colors

Mint by L.A. Colors

Baby Blue by L.A. Colors

Bam! by L.A. Colors

Spring Flirt by L.A. Colors

Fairy Dust by L.A. Colors

Quick Teal by Milani

Sugar Cane by Milani

Gina Girl by E.L.F

Meadow Mist by L.A. Colors

Navy by L.A. Colors

Matte Top Coat by Wet N’ Wild

That wraps up all my new polishes. The one I like the most is Fairy Dust by L.A. Colors. My least favorite one is Sugar Cane by Milani. It just reminds me of when my husband shaves over the sink and doesn’t wipe it off when he’s done!  Which one do you like? Let me know in the comments!


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