Dinner at the Rebel Hanger



We were lucky enough to get dinner reservations for The Rebel Hanger. Located in Hollywood Studios and converted from The Backlot Express, this was a perfect place to really get into the theming of Star Wars.



The interior had been enhanced to bring you right into the world of a galaxy far far away! Each table had a Star Wars centerpiece and really brought a little flair to the atmosphere. There was also decorations all throughout the restaurant.




The menu offered appetizers, small dinner plates, desserts and drinks all wrapped up in Star Wars theming. The small plates included Chips and Sith, Trio of Thermal Detonators and the Dark Fried. Dessert included a Yoda key lime cake and a trio of mini cupcakes.


We both opted for the The Slider Sampler. It included two sliders called The Sith and The Jedi. One was a barbecue pulled brisket with coleslaw and the other was a barbecue pulled chicken with arugula and a side of house made chips. They both were delicious but we both seemed to prefer the barbecue pulled chicken.

They also offered a bunch of drink options including blue milk, Dagobah Swamp Juice and Odwalla Pomegranate Limeade. We did try the pomegranate limeade and it was really good. This particular drink was offered in different spots throughout the park as well.



We also got quite a surprise. The restaurant did not offer a character dinner but while we were waiting on our food someone decided to pop in and we were lucky enough to get a picture with Greedo!

Overall our experience at the Rebel Hangar was awesome! The food and drinks were great and the theming made the experience even better. We were really lucky to have been able to make these reservations before we arrived in the World. The place was so busy and without reservations we wouldn’t have been able to eat there. Greedo showing up just added to the incredible atmosphere!


2 thoughts on “Dinner at the Rebel Hanger”

  1. Ah you’re so lucky! We only got to go through it during the day. The theming was amazing!!! Reservations were all booked up when we tried to make them. But we did get drinks from the bar! Haha

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