Nail Art # 36- All Laced Up


I once again reached into my stash of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips to create this latest look. The design I used was Laced Up.

Here’s how I completed this look-

  • I started out by filing my nails down a little bit.
  • I  opened the package and sized out all my nails.
  • I then applied a strip to my nail and smoothed it all out.
  • Once it was set into place I used a nail file to remove any excess nail polish strip.
  • I continued to do this process for each nail until all nails were done.

Here are some pictures of the process-



And of course the finished look-


I really loved this look of lace nails and I am a big fan of Sally Hansen nail polish strips. I find them easy to use. It’s supposed to last 10 days but because I do my nails so often I usually don’t let it get past 2-3 days.

Have you tried a lace nail art look? Let me know in the comments!


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