Infinity Dreams Award


First off I have to apologize to Tinna because she was kind enough to have nominated me for the Infinity Dreams Award back on June 2nd. I unfortunately had just returned back from vacation and went right back to work so I’ve really been swamped with all sorts of things. Just keeping up with blogging has been tough. I’ve got so many posts that I want to work on but it just feels like life is getting in the way. But on the brighter side I am finally going to complete this nomination!

Back to the Infinity Dreams Award! Here are my top 7 dreams!

1.) I want to visit Italy. It’s my heritage and I’ve never been. One day I will be able to visit my father’s homeland, hopefully with him.

2.) I want to see the Boston Bruins win another Stanley Cup. Hockey is the only sport I follow and of course I have to root for my hometown team!

3.) I want to one day join a Sea Shepherd campaign. It’s always been a bucket list item for me.

4.) I want to meet the Pope! My grandparents always had a strong admiration for the Pope. During their lives they were deeply religious and always looked up to Pope John Paul II. I would love to meet Pope Francis, not because I am religious but because he seems to have a spiritual calmness about him.

5.) I want to one day be able to have a child. It’s been a tough road so far but just having my husband is a blessing.

6.) I want to one day be able to go to Universal Studios in Florida with my family when the park is closed to the general public. That would be AWESOME!

7.) I want to one day write a memoir focusing mainly on how my grandmother has inspired me. She was the greatest woman that I have ever met and I would like to share my memories and bond with others. I’d like to share the stories she told me about growing up through WWII and having to drop out of high school to raise her siblings because her mother passed from breast cancer. She is a true inspiration and I think others could find her story inspiring.

Well now, that’s enough about me. Now I want to hear all about your dreams! I’d like to nominate these 7 fabulous bloggers who are…….




The Lovely World of Aliciaaa Dawnn

Don’t Judge Me, Okay

Makeup and Beauty


I hope you all enjoy doing the Infinity Dreams Award. No worries if it’s not your thing, I take no offense but to those that do participate I look forward to reading about your dreams!


5 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award”

  1. ADORE this award!! It’s a refreshing topic. Congrats and LOVED your answer’s!! Just wonderful really.. 😀

    Thank you for passing it my way as well. Promise I’ll get this done asap! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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