Star Wars Weekends 2015- Merchandise


During Walt Disney World’s Star Wars Weekends 2015 event there was a lot of merchandise for any Disney or Star Wars fan. We noticed in a poll we had done a few weeks back that some of our viewers were interested in seeing merchandise being offered at the event. Not only was there merchandise available throughout Hollywood Studios but there was also a specialty store called Darth’s Mall filled with all sorts of Star Wars related items.

Here is some of the things we saw available for purchase.


Star Wars Magic Bands Charms


Star Wars books

DSC05272Jedi Mickey stuffed animal & Jedi Duffy stuffed animal


Star Wars Weekend limited release pin


Star Wars Weekend Darth Vader glove snowglobe


Bobba Fett stein




Many varieties of t-shirts

.We were also lucky enough to get a set of collectible Star Wars pins. The pins are a little different than Disney’s pins used for trading. We hope to share the new set of pins with you in another post that will include all the merchandise we purchased.

Do any of these items tickle your fancy? Let us know in the comments below!


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