Love/Hate Tag

Love and Hate Tag

Thank you to the always sweet and fabulous Sassafrass for nominating me for this tag! This is going to be a lot of fun for me to do! I’m one of those people that have serious passions about things so I’ll stick to the rules and not just ramble on and on!

In this tag we share 10 things we LOVE and 10 things that  we HATE. Tag up to 10 bloggers!


  • My fabulous husband. It’s hard not to love him. I mean seriously he puts up with me on a daily basis!
  • I love my dog Bentley! She might be a brat at times but she is my brat and I wouldn’t want it any other way!
  • My nailpolish (obvious!)
  • Crafting (even if I am really bad at it!)
  • Visiting Disney World and Universal Studios- I should just move there!
  • Watching old WWII documentaries- Shout out to Netflix!
  • My job- It’s allowed me to grow without any college education so I am very grateful.
  • Working on my family tree. I’ve been doing it for years now and it never seems to get any easier!
  • Potato chips- They are seriously my guilty pleasure. You can keep your chocolate, ice cream, cookies or cakes but don’t even think about trying to get one of my chips!
  • Most things that have glitter or sparkle! It’s my girly side!


  • When people leave me voicemail messages. I don’t know why but it totally irks me!
  • Bentley, my silly little dog, loves walking around the house whining. It would be ok if something was wrong but that’s just what she does. I’ve been told it’s a Shepherd thing.
  • When people talk over me and then tell me they didn’t hear me! Grrr……
  • Bugs…. mostly spiders…. well no I was right the first time. Bugs!
  • When our neighbors take their dogs for walks around the neighborhood and don’t clean up after them. Especially when they do their business on our lawn.
  • Driving…. I can do it perfectly fine but I grew up in Massachusetts and currently work there too. Everyone is in a rush to go nowhere!
  • When people pay at the grocery store with checks! It’s 2015 get a debit card!!!!
  • Eggs- I find them absolutely repulsive! The way they look, the way they smell…. Just thinking about them makes me want to gag!
  • When someone is in a bad mood and takes it out on someone else even though they had nothing to do with putting that person in a bad mood. Usually I call them out on this other wise I’ll start grinding my teeth!
  • Breaking a nail! It’s just plain terrible. Especially if you’ve been waiting for them to grow back. I know mine take a long time to grow, then BAM they break!

Now I’d like to nominate some other bloggers. Feel free to participate if you want to. I look forward to seeing everyone’s loves and hates!


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I hope you enjoyed the Love/Hate Tag. It was a lot of fun to complete. Here’s a quote that I found that I couldn’t agree with more. Hate takes too much time and energy and I’ve found that letting things go is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

Matin Luther King Quote


6 thoughts on “Love/Hate Tag”

    1. It’s a serious pet peeve of mine. It instantly raises my blood pressure especially when I am in the grocery store trying to buy lunch during my 1/2 hour lunch break and someone pulls out their check book!!!! There goes my chance to actually eat lunch!

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      1. OMG that would have me seeing red!! Only a 1/2 hour break & some idiot pulls out a checkbook.. Move to Canada! I’ll give you my address so you can move in next door! But seriously, I could be wrong but up here most places won’t accept cheques anymore b/c they are too easy to make fakes. So other than using them to pay rent such as writing 12 for the year to give to the landlord or pay a city related bill, they are almost useless. I have 400 cheque’s and have maybe used only 3 in…4 year’s maybe. The person working the till should ring you through first especially if it’s somewhere you go often when they see the person ahead of you whip out a cheque book. They can pause the other persons order. Most tills are set up that way now..

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      2. Yup, it’s one of my biggest pet peeves! It shouldn’t even be allowed! I actually work in retail banking so when I see crap like that I just want to explode inside. Not too mention having to listen to my stomach grumbling from hunger! lol

        Liked by 1 person

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