Born Pretty Store Mini Haul

I have finally received my order from the Born Pretty Store! I’m excited to start using it and I’m hoping that I can finally figure out stamping!

Here’s what I ordered-

Butterfly nail art water decals

Celestial floral pattern nail art water decals

5 piece round sponge stamp

Black nail polish and white nail polish for stamping

Temperature change nail polish- color #110

Starry Sky Moon necklace #3

Overall I am happy with my purchase. I am excited to use the temperature changing nail polish. I have already worn the Starry sky moon necklace and even received quite a few compliments on it. I’m even thinking about placing another order! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Born Pretty Store Mini Haul”

  1. Ooooo!! Eye candy! Darn it I must go check out this store! I’ve been wanting to give stamping a go too! Can’t wait to see what you do with these.
    Oh! I also did something really silly the other day. Nice but silly..
    I found the most AMAZE neon also glow in the dark nail polish for like $1.50.
    I take all my bottles up to the till, make sure I had one of each and no doubles. Then I told the lady “hold up, I need 2 of that color.” I went grabbed another neon. Why? B/c I remember thinking “Laura will want this so I better get one now before they sell out.” Afterwards I had to laugh b/c it’s not like I can just pass it to you through my phone LOL!! But I did set it aside to send to you anyway. No sense sending just one bottle down to you so I found a nice sized box that I am going to just start tossing odds & ends in over the next month or two & then I’ll send it. 🙂 xx
    (And NO need to send anything back my way!!)

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      1. LOL! Think it’s b/c we are a lot a like while being different. If we lived near each other no doubt about it we’d be besties hanging out, getting our nail art on..


      2. Well once I find a new permant place to move into, my door will always be open. Plus saves motel $ which adds up. So you are most welcome if you ever end up coming this way. This side of the country is a must see!!

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      3. Whistler is way to the west coast of Canada. Its beautiful but don’t need to travel that far to see amazing mountains or ski. My apartment (not my dads here in Calgary ) is well, I can walk out my door & up a mountain. Also very close to Castle Mountain. Actually have you heard of Waterton Park Montana in the Us? My apartment is 30-40 minutes from there.
        There are so many beautiful places to go and see that cost nothing but gas & lunch maybe. There’s what are called ink pots not far from here. They are really weird little pools of different sulfur mixes. Called ink pots b/c each is naturally different color. Amazing all yr round ice cave’s too. Totally endless things to do. Youll see things like the GhostRider mountain also not far from my apartment that will blow your mind including the Frank Slide where my apartment is, a mountain that came down in 1914 i think. Buried the entire town killing everyone. Looking at pictures of it online are one thing. Seeing how much rock came down, the size of some rocks bigger than houses, how far the slide goes to how deep it is ,is a whole differnt feeling. Its spooky yet uncomprehendable. Something I recommend anyone visiting Canada goes and sees. It changes a person somehow. Cant explain how seeing the Frank Slide affects a person. Just that it does. So definitely you’d be most welcome and safe to bunk with me & the dog’s.


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