Nail Art # 34- Melted


I finally got around to using the Ciate mini ice cream nail polish collection that I purchased at Sephora. This was my first time using the Ciate brand. I must admit that for the price I wasn’t overall impressed with this nail polish. It wasn’t bad but it also didn’t really work any better than the cheaper polishes that I tend to buy.

Here’s what I did to create this look-

1.) I applied a base coat by Nutra Nail.

2.) I then applied a different color of the mini ice cream collection onto each nail.


3.) Once that was completely dry I moved along to measuring out the melted strips for each finger nail.

4.) After they are all measured I began to place each sticker onto each nail. As I went I used a nail file to remove any of the excess sticker.

5.) I finished off the look with a speed drying top coat by Sally Hansen.

Here is the finished look-


Do you like this look? Or have you tried this out before? Let me know in the comments!


17 thoughts on “Nail Art # 34- Melted”

  1. Ahhh! I’ve been wanting that kit forever! Looks fantastic! I does look like you did free hand. Have you tried doing the waterfall look yet?
    With our combined love of all things nails I can see we are going to be a bad? influence on each other $ wise lol!!
    I want the entire Zoya collection really, really badly! Wait, I think you may have bought a few didn’t you? xx

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    1. I know! I seriously buy too much nail polish! I think I bought Zoya. … I’ve ordered so much in the last week. I think I’m waiting on almost 10 packages and if my brain is working right I’m thinking one of those packages is Zoya!

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      1. Hehehe!! One cannot buy too much Polish. You sound as overwhelmed as I am with my box of Korean stuff lol!
        btw, for some reason suddenly I can’t answer you back on my blog. Don’t know why.. :/

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      2. I wish I had more nail stuff. But I’ve started focusing on skin care b/c lucky I’ve got good gene’s but I’m starting to age fast!
        Oh, I filed my nails into the latest shape. Tapered like claws but with the tips slightly squared off. Holy sharp! I have to be careful picking up my dogs!
        Hopefully I’ll get that post finished soon & start on another.

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      3. I can’t wait to see them! I’m really bad at shaping my nails! I bet they look amazing! Was it hard to shape them?
        I doubt your aging fast! I know I sure as heck am though! Plus I have giant purple bags under my eyes! I swear people probably think my husband beats me b/c it always looks like I have black eyes. I’m using some eye cream now to lighten the area but I think only a miracle will work.
        Now that I think about it I just got a small sample in the mail for Olay Regenerist micro sculpting cream. If it’s something you might want to try I’ll put it aside for you!

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      4. You know me lol.. I’ll try anything. So thank you.
        As soon as I’m not feeling so tired I’m going to do another nail tutorial. (I may do the feather nails again but with peacock feathers this time. Only thing is, my nails are a shape I’m not used to working with.) No, I didn’t find it hard. If anything it took a long time so I’d liked to have used a drimmel but for nails tool to speed it up. Plus where my nails are real, I have to file them daily so as they grow the more cuved & cat like they get. Sure I could zip into any nail salon and they could shape my nails perfectly into shape in no time but I prefer doing it the way I have been cause I’m learning something new right? Oh so the file I used is actually a heavy duty metal one. It’s something my dad had in his tool box so I kinda borrowed it. LOL! No idea what it’s actually for but sure works well for shaping nails. In my next nail tutorial I plan on discussing the file. I will say the shape they are now while I like it, it’s really, really hard to do anything normal like a person could with just long nailed either rounded or flat tipped. Not sure why this shape is difficult but it is.
        Panda Eye Brighting Dream Cream stick by TolyMoly. That’ll fix your bags within no time!

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      5. No doubt we’d totally be broke but yes it would be really amazing to at the very least live in the same city!
        I remember giving my dad crap cause I’ve caught him using the metal thing to file his nails.(Thought nails are too thin to use.) But then I tried it and yesssssss! I’ll have to snap a picture & attach it too. Oh and ask my dad wth it actually is for lol! 🙂

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      6. LMAO!!!! Best thing about the whatever it is, it’ll never wear out and it’s gone major precision potential! I’m going to grab some lunch & fire you off a interweb letter..

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      7. Hope lunch was good! I’ve got plenty of time tomorrow b/c I have the day off! I’m hoping to get some posts done! And I just got my first Target box! I might also have to do a post about my new hair. I’m so wishy washy! Now I’m starting to like it…. maybe I just needed some time for it to grow on me?

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      8. LOL! You are funny today!!!
        Your hair probably looks fine it’s just not what you are used to maybe. Can’t wait to see the Target box & if it was worth it! I didn’t get around to writing you b/c some unexpected company dropped in but I’ll start a letter in the morning after or while I have my coffee. >3

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