Review-Haute Polish Gel Manicure Set


Today I am going to be reviewing a gel polish set that I purchased through Groupon. Now I must admit that I at first was a little bit hesitant to review this set and I’ll explain why.

After I made my purchase I patiently waited while it was shipped to me. Once it arrived I decided to research it a little bit before using it. During my researching process which I do have to admit was a little backwards ( I should have done my research before I bought it but that’s a lesson for a different post!) I found that there were MANY terrible online reviews. This made me a little nervous to use it but I figured what the hey- how bad could it be? The bad reviews were mostly from people that had purchased the products directly from Haute Polish. Apparently the way it works through their company is a little like a subscription where each month new items are sent for a fee. I purchased my products through Groupon and had no direct dealings with Haute Polish which seems as if it has saved me some headaches.

Now onto the polishes. I was so surprised to learn that it worked really well for me. I was actually impressed with the overall easy process to apply the gel polish.

Here is how it works-

Application Process: 

Step 1- Use the cleaning swab to clean off any excess oils or dirt on your nails.

Step 2- Apply a coat of your selected gel polish color.

Step 3- Place your nail in the LED Cold Light and press the button located on the side. Wait for the light to shut off.

Step 4- Once the light has shut off apply a second coat of the same selected gel polish.

Step 5- Place your hand back in the LED Cold Light and press the button again. Keep your hands in the light until it shuts off.

Step 6- Use the finishing swab to remove any sticky residue left on your nails.

Voila! Your new gel polish is complete!

Now there is also a certain way to take off the polish as well.

Here’s how to complete that process-

Removal Process:

Step 1- Cut open the top of the remover pocket and place finger inside. Keep your finger in there for about 10 minutes.

Step 2- Remove your finger and you should see the polish starting to peel off. Usually once this happens you can peel off the remaining polish. If the polish will not peel off just place your finger back in the remover pocket for a few extra seconds and that should take care of the remaining polish.

And that’s all you have to do to take it off.

Now I’d like to tell you what was included in the set.

Haute Polish Kit

Instruction Booklet

24 Remover Pockets

12 Cleaner/Finisher Wipes

Nail Buffer

5 Detailing Wands

Cold Light LED Setting Light w/ A/C plug


A Replenisher Kit- which included the following-

24 Cleaner/Finisher Wipes

48 Remover Pockets

10 Detailing Wands


6 polishes in the following colors

Shy #906

Earth #919

Paradise #910

Classic Red #901

Tourmaline #907

Vampire #928


Nail Color Swatch Booklet


I also did a swatch of each color as a practice run before I actually did my own nails.


The colors are from left to right and are – Paradise, Vampire, Tourmaline, Earth, Shy and Classic Red.

Now for the review!

Overall I really liked these gel polishes. I found them to be really easy to use. The 6 colors I received are really nice and I am overall happy with the options that I have with them. I found that applying the polish was really easy and using the Cold Light LED was even easier. All you really need to do is make sure it’s already plugged in before you start painting! The light is timed for you already. It made me a little nervous the first time I used it because your nails will come out all sticky. This will go away once you use the finishing wipes.

There was really only one thing that I dislike about this gel polish- the removal process. To be fair the process is not difficult but rather I found it to be somewhat time consuming. I basically had to keep each individual nail inside the remover packet for about 10 minutes which as you can tell would take a bit of time.

I also didn’t really like the way my nails looked after the polish was removed. They basically looked really dried out. They looked similar to when you have acrylic removed.

On the plus side, the polish did stay on without any issues for about a week. This lasted longer than any typical polish I have used.


Easy application process

Longer lasting polish


Time consuming removal process

Unhealthy looking nails after removal

Overall Rating:

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ (3/5)

These are just a few pictures of my nails after my first use. The color is Tourmaline #907. (As you can tell I need a little bit more practice around the edges!)

The Haute Polish Gel Manicure Set rated 3/5 for me. I feel as though the application process is quite simple and easy. I also really like that the polish lasted about a week for me without any chipping. The only downside that I can see is the removal process which is probably very similar to having acrylics removed, or even a gel manicure that you would get at a salon. I did notice that my nails were not as strong as they had been before applying the gel polish which makes me think that I should probably only use it for long periods of time. I typically like to do my nails a few times a week which is probably not the best idea with this polish. It is probably better for me to use when I am going out of town and unable to bring all my nail stuff with me.

I would also like to note that I did not have any direct dealings with Haute Polish. I have read many reviews from people that have had terrible experiences with this company. Fortunately for me, I purchased my set through Groupon so I can only give you my honest opinion about the product itself.

***This product was purchased by me and this is an honest review about my experiences with the product. I did not receive any compensation for this review***


8 thoughts on “Review-Haute Polish Gel Manicure Set”

  1. I have not used gel polish. My mom has, told me it looked great and lasted a long time, but did inform me that removal was difficult and also her nails seemed a bit damaged? Mostly the removal issue is why I doubt I’ll try them. They do look nice though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I did enjoy having them on but I think the removal process is too time consuming for someone like me that enjoys changing her polish a few times a week. It would be perfect if I kept it on for awhile though!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Overall it looks like it worked awesome though which I mean at least it worked. I’d not be too happy either if it slightly damaged my nails either. Funny, but I’m always scared to shop on Groupon for some reason but good thing you did! I accidentally got myself in a mess recently buying diet supps only to find out it’s $200/m auto ship!
    Lovin the new pictures!! 🙂
    I tagged you into a Love vs Hate tag. Thought you could have some fun with it.
    (Oh! And hope your fur baby is okay!) Okay, shutting up now.. >3 xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh good!! Very happy to hear she’s okay!!
        Yep, $200/m. Pills arrived today. I believe that they work but that’s hella money! (Supreme Garcinia Cambogia.) So, hopefully cancelling won’t be a nightmare. :/
        Hmm…maybe I’ll have to try Group then. Goodness knows they have some great stuff. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh I will be. They don’t even give a person enough time to try the entire trial bottle (14 day’s worth) to decide before they charge my card! I can be so stupid sometimes! 😀
        I’ll definitely be trying Group. If you’ve had good experience with them that’s good enough for me! 🙂 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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