Horror Block- May 2015


I have to start off by apologizing because this Horror Block was from May. It arrived in the mail when we were away on vacation so it got put on the back burner until now! This particular box was really cool and we both really liked the contents. Here’s what came in May’s box-

Content Guide


Silent Hill t-shirt-

If you have an interest in similar t-shirts then check out Shirt Punch. This particular shirt was only available to Horror Block subscribers but somehow they manage to have 4 new designs available daily.


Horror Block Short Film Fest DVD-

This is a compilation DVD of entries submitted to Horror Block from people all around the world. The best entries were then  selected and added to this DVD making it Horror Block’s first DVD of this kind.


Hannibal Funkd Pop! Vinyl-

To celebrate Hannibal’s third season (starting in June) Horror Block chose to include a Pop! Vinyl. This may just be the cutest thing about Hannibal! We were sent #147 Will Graham but also included in the full collection is #146 Hannibal Lecter, #148 Jack Crawford, #149 Will Graham (different version than #147) and #150 Wendigo.


Weird Stats and Morbid Facts (book)-

This book is a special publication from Rue Morgue and is packed with strange trivia!

For instance, did you know that from July 1984 to September 1985, Ralston foods manufactured Gremlins Cereal as a tie-in to the movie?

Or did you know that in 1935, Romanian authorities banned films starring Mickey Mouse from theatres, citing concerns that the character might frighten children?


Rue Morgue-

This magazine is a must have for all horror fans! It’s full of previews, interviews and all things horror! The one included in May’s Horror Block is the June edition.


Creature From the Black Lagoon (collectible print)-

To celebrate the Creature’s 60th birthday, Horror Block included this black and white collectible print.

Well that wraps up all of May’s Horror Block. We have yet to receive June’s package so it should be arriving shortly. Hopefully that box will make it’s place on the blog in a more time friendly manner!


Star Wars Character Breakfast at the Sci Fi Diner

One of the most memorable experiences that we had during our trip to Disney for Star Wars Weekend was having breakfast with the characters at the Sci Fi Diner. While planning our trip we didn’t think we would have the opportunity to to do this because all the reservations seemed to be filled up. Persistence paid off and we just kept checking the Disney website until a spot finally opened up!

The breakfast began with a photo op with Darth Vader and Bobba Fett. We were so thrilled for the opportunity. Laura really wanted to get a picture hugging Vader but the line was really getting long and we didn’t want to push our luck. Looking back she should have just done it!


We were then seated in our little vehicle that is also a table before being given a menu. We didn’t do much research about the food options before we ventured to Disney, mostly because we were just so excited to have been able to get reservations.


After being seated we were delivered menus by our fabulous waitress who we must give major props to! She was so kind and quick. Whenever she delivered anything to our table she was so fast that we didn’t even notice she had been there until we saw something new in front of us!


The first item she brought to us was a whole bunch of yummy sweet goodness! It included vanilla creme turnovers, puff pastry sticks, cinnamon rolls and double chocolate brownies! Our favorites were the vanilla creme turnovers with the Vader head on them. They were just so delicious!

In the meantime our waitress delivered us some orange juice and coffee which is what we opted for. They also offered sodas, blue milk and even mimosas. After our drinks arrived the food just kept coming! We were then given fresh fruit cups and greek yogurt with granola toppings. The melon Yoda was really cool and of course Disney had to add the Star Wars effect!


The next item we received were our entrees. There was so  many to choose from including the Imperial Delight, Darth Vader Waffles and the Ackbar Surprise. Dave opted for the Tatooine Sunrise which included scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and breakfast potatoes which he really enjoyed.


Laura opted for the Imperial Delight. It was a macadamia crusted french toast with mascarpone and fresh berries.  The berries were the largest berries we had ever seen and the french toast was incredibly good.

While we were eating our breakfast we had some visitors. Watching them interact with other guests while we ate was a lot of fun. The entertainment value was priceless. Here are some pictures of the characters we saw!




And another visit from a colorful Stormtrooper!


Overall our breakfast was awesome! We had an incredibly delicious meal that really can’t be compared to any other breakfast we’ve ever had. Disney really out did themselves on this one. Our waitress was just delightful and the overall experience was incredible. Certainly one we will not be forgetting anytime soon!


Oh and we can’t forget about our lightsabers we received when we exited the restaurant. Now we can have our own battle at home! Who do you think would win?

Week In Review


It feels as though Summer is flying by even though the first official day of summer was this past Sunday. It probably has to do with the extremely brutal and depressing winter we had this year or maybe it’s just because I know we are getting closer and closer to another winter. Any who, another week has gone by so I bring to you another Week In Review!

AK_TRPLAZA_7328776412 Monday 6/22/15- On this day we shared our experience in The Magic Kingdom attempting to complete our mission, Finding Pascal. Not many people are aware that there are hidden Pascals (the chameleon from Tangled) located in front of Rapunzel’s Tower. Check out the post to see if we were able to spot him!

beauty-blogger-award (1) Tuesday 6/23/15- This day’s post was about completing the Beauty Blogger Award that Natalie was kind enough to nominate me for. Check it out to see all my beauty related answers to her questions and to see if you were nominated!

DSC05142 Wednesday 6/24/15- If you are a Disney fan, like us, you will enjoy this post all about Disney’s Boardwalk. This was our first time visiting the Boardwalk so we thought we’d share our experience.

 Thursday 6/25/15-  Are you surprised that I have another Nail Haul to share with you? If you follow my blog than surely you are not surprised! Check out this post to see all the new polishes I purchased, I included swatches for each polish.

DSC05978 Friday 6/26/15-  I was finally able to purchase the Target Beauty Box! Check out this post to see what was in the June box!

DSC05987 Saturday 6/27/15- Not only was I able to purchase Target’s June Beauty Box, on a whim I purchased the Men’s Target Beauty Box for the husband! I didn’t even realize that they offered one for men. Check it out to see what was in June’s box and whether Dave liked it’s contents!

Well that wraps another week! I hope you’ve enjoyed the Week In Review. I am currently working on a better blogging schedule. I do still intend on posting daily but I am going to try and schedule certain themes on a particular day. I’m not sure how well it will work but if I don’t try I will never know. If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments!

Target- Men’s Beauty Box June


This month I ordered Target’s Mens Beauty Box for June. Dave didn’t know that I was ordering it so I surprised him with it. When it came in I asked him to open it and he thought it was for me so he didn’t want to open it. After insisiting for about 5 minutes he finally opened it. Here is what was included in this month’s mens box.


Contents Guide


Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Razor


Axe Styling Messy Look Gel


Axe Styling Spiked Up Extra Hold Gel


Dove Men + Care Oxygen Charge Shampoo


Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

Overall I feel as though the value included in the box was worth the price of $5.00. The Gillette razor alone surpasses the price of the box. Dave’s perspective is a little different. He is only interested in about 1/2 of the boxes contents. He is starting to lose his hair so he can’t really style it so he has no interest in the Axe products. He doesn’t have much interest in continuing to get monthly boxes but I might just continue to get them for him anyways!

What do you think about the contents of Target’s June Men’s Beauty Box?

Target Beauty Box- June


I was lucky enough to be able to order Target’s June Beauty Box. I’ve tried to order it in the past but every time I made the attempt I sadly was notified that it was sold out. But not this month! Here’s what was included-


Contents Guide


Olay Regenerist Luminous HydraSwirl Eye Cream


Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Gladiolus


Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Boom Boom


Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads


Fekkai Professional Hair Care Styling Creme

That was the contents of Target’s June Beauty Box. Overall I found it to be a nice mixture of products. I prefer nail products to most beauty products so I can’t wait to try everything out. Plus it was only $7.00 so for me it was worth it. What do you think about the products in this month’s box?