Nail Art # 30-First Time Water Marble/ Disaster Ahead!


I’ve seen so many bloggers and Youtubers do water marbling on their nails. The finished product always looks amazing. Usually you hear people say how easy it is to do and I would have to completely disagree. For the most part it is easy….until you get to the part where you have to put your nails in the cup of nail polish and water. That’s where everything goes completely wrong for me! To create this nail look I opted to let the polish harden on top of the water and then (very carefully) scooped them out and cut them down to the necessary sizes for each nail. I then used a top coat/bonder by Cina to apply the water marble onto my nails. It ended up being way more work but it was the only way I could successfully accomplish this look.

Here’s what I did-

1.) I filled dixie cups up with water and allowed it to sit for a little while to get to room temperature. From what I’ve heard cold water and hot/warm water is not really the way to go on this process.

2.) I then dug out all the pretty color polishes that I wanted to use and proceeded to drop in different colors in all the cups. I then attempted to make different patterns in the nail polish with a small wooden stick. (This stick is included in a lot of different nail polish sets I’ve purchased over time.)


3.) I then gave the polish sometime to harden. While I was waiting for the polish to dry up a bit I proceeded to paint my nails in a white color by L.A. Colors.

4.) Once that was all dry I started to (very carefully) scoop out the now dry polish.

5.) I then cut the polish to the necessary sizes and applied them to my nails using a top coat/bonder by Cina.

Here’s how they came out-

Overall I was not very happy with how this turned out. Having said that I also have to give myself some credit because it was a long and tedious process. I am going to try water marbling again in the future and I’m hopeful that with more experience it will turn out better!


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