Nail Art # 29- Check It Out!


I’ve been trying to use up all the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips  that I got in a haul. I decided to use Check It Out. Here is how I completed this look.


1.) I started out by using nail polish remover on my nails to remove any excess oils.

2.) I then measured out which strips I needed for each nail.

3.) I then began placing each strip on each nail. When I was done getting the proper placement I used the nail buffer to smooth it all out as best as I could.

4.) I then used the nail file to remove any excess nail polish strips.

5.) Once they were all on and filed down I applied a speed drying top coat by Nutra Nail.

Here is the finished product-




Overall I really love the Sally Hansen nail polish strips but I am not very fond of this design. It just seems to be way too busy for me. Normally I appreciate some sort of pattern on my nails but for some reason this design just didn’t do it for me. Do you like this design? Let me know in the comments!


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