Horror Block- April 2015


We got April’s Horror Block a few weeks back and are really late posting this!

We absolutely loved this month’s box. There were so many cool things that Dave didn’t know where to start! Here’s what was in it.


Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Vinyl- This is great! We loved it especially since Dave is a huge Ghostbusters fan. We are not really sure how it fits into the horror theme but we are ok with that! We actually think it was something left over from Nerd Block because it has a Nerd Block exclusive sticker on it. Either way we are happy to have received it!


Evil Dead T-shirt- This one really brought a smile (as you can see) to Dave’s face. He has a huge collection of different t-shirts and this one will fit in perfectly!

Bloody Disgusting Mug-  This mug was made by Bloody Disgusting and is meant to appear as if it came straight from the Bates Motel. This is yet another item that Dave is enjoying.


Heeeeere’s Coasters- This is a set of coasters and sticking with the haunted hotels theme is made to look like the carpet at the Overlook Hotel (the Shining.) These will be perfect to protect our tables and remind Dave of his love of horror movies!


Killer Shots- 2 creepy shot glasses which are perfect for a round with the friends! This way you can creep them out and get them drunk!

20150505_175115Rue Morgue- This is a Canadian based horror themed magazine. It features all sorts of things relating to horror. It has reviews, interviews and so much more. If you are interested in the horror genre then it’s a must see.

Overall we are both very happy with this edition of horror block. Everything we’ve received Dave seems to be really enjoying! We just wonder what is coming this month! Hopefully nothing too scary!


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