Beware! Fire Breathing Dragon Ahead!


Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Orlando was incredible. We got the opportunity to visit back in October and loved every second of it. One of the most memorable things we saw was the dragon guarding Gringott’s Bank.

The dragon sits high atop Gringott’s Bank, protecting all the goods inside. It’s very large and can be seen almost immediately as you enter Diagon Alley. The dragon breathes fire about every 15 minutes. You can anticipate when it’s going to do it because it lets out a few loud growls  right before the flames.


Getting to see it was incredible and a lot of fun. We actually video taped it so we could remember the fabulous experience when we returned home. We’d like to share with you what we got to experience. As a friendly reminder you may want to lower your volume because not only is the dragon extremely loud but the park was packed and all the people around sounds like quite the commotion.  Here is the video.

Have you had the opportunity to see it in person?


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