Nail Art # 26 -Daisies


I absolutely adore nail looks that reflect the current season. I thought since the weather has been so nice I would I had to get my nails into that same season. Here’s how I created this look.


1.) I started out by applying Sally Hansen Hard As Nails as a base coat.


2.) I then applied 2 coats of Playful Purple by Pure Ice. ( The pictures make the color look more of a blue color but it’s really purple!)

3.) Once it was completely dry I began using my dotting tool to place small white dots to make the petals of the daisies. I used a white color by L.A. Colors.

4.) I then continued using my dotting tool along with yellow design by Milani to create the center of the daisies. At this point the daisies really resembled fried eggs so I had to do something to change the look a little bit.

5.) I then used a small nail art brush to paint on leaves. The leaves were painted in Groovy Green by Color Mates.

6.) After allowing sufficient drying time I applied a speed drying top coat by Nutra Nail.

Here was the final look.


This look was fairly simple to complete. The only downside was when I asked my husband if he liked them he immediately responded with fried eggs! I guess when I really look at the daisies he’s right, they do look like fried eggs! Luckily the green leaves help change the look a little bit.


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