Tips For Planning A Vacation To Disney!


Since we have been to Disney World quite a few times in the past we thought we would share with you some things that have worked well for us. We hope you will find this informational since these have helped us on our vacations.


Tip # 1

Try and plan out your vacation well in advance. We have found this to be most helpful. We don’t necessarily mean to have your entire vacation planned out minute by minute. What we do mean though is to make sure you know what it is that you really want to see and do. There is going to be a lot of walking and waiting in lines and depending on the time of year you are going it could be busier than you will expect. Having a good idea as to what each person in your group wants to do will be helpful.


Tip # 2

This tip ties back into Tip #1. Make reservations as early as possible. Most people make their reservations really early because things fill up fast. For instance, we decided about a month ago that we were going to attend Star Wars Weekend and Dave was really wanting to have breakfast with the Star Wars characters. When we tried to get reservations they were all filled up. We spent a long time checking and re checking the Disney website in hopes that reservations would free up. Eventually we were able to get our reservations but it took about a week before we could actually reserve and get confirmations.


Tip # 3

We feel that it is wise for us to decide before we arrive in Disney whether or not we are going to purchase a dining plan. This can be really helpful for families with children especially if you have a large family. We all know Disney isn’t cheap and let’s be honest, neither are their food options. Budgeting in money for food is fairly simple for us because we travel as a couple but for larger groups it can get really pricey really fast.


Tip # 4

If you are planning on traveling with small children it might be a good idea to look online and view some of the rides. Depending on their ages and height they may not be able to get on all the rides. Some little ones might even be scared of certain things so it’s advisable to know before waiting an hour in line and having your kid freak out about getting on it.


Tip # 5

Take your time and enjoy what you are doing. If you’re tired don’t be afraid to take a few hours and head back to your hotel for a nap or some pool time. The heat can be unbearable at times for some so just remember to relax. Of course you want to see as much as possible but be realistic about it.


Tip # 6

As you might know already Florida weather can be great but it also can have it’s moments. One thing we do before hand is purchase ponchos at our local dollar store and pack them with us. This saves us some cash and also some time. While herds of people are running into shops to purchase a poncho because the sky decided to open up all you have to do is grab the poncho you already have put it on and continue on your way.


Tip # 7

While making your reservations don’t be afraid to call Disney directly. We have had to do this many times because we were unsure of things like reservations and even shuttles to and from the parks. The cast members are really kind and helpful and will be able to give you all the information you need.


Tip # 8

We know that Disney has all kinds of unique things for sale and of course you want to purchase things for yourself. That only makes sense to us but just make a note that whatever you purchase has to go  home with you. Will you have enough luggage space to pack it all up? It can be a pain to wait in line at the airport because you have to check an extra bag and depending on what airlines you are traveling with they are sure to hit you with fees.


Tip # 9

If you plan to get a rental car and go off Disney property be sure to know that there are tolls all around the area. It might be wise to pre purchase a Sun Pass and have it mailed to you at your house. It can also be loaded up with money before you go as well. If you don’t be prepared to be charged by your rental company. Another thing to note is that the resorts do charge fees to park overnight. It is wise to research this while planning your vacation.

Scan0051 (2)

Tip # 10

We have found that downloading the Disney app on your smartphone is very helpful. Using the app is easy and is a great tool. It will allow you to make your Fast Pass + reservations and even allow you to make changes. It will supply you with a map of the park and even list wait times for rides and shows. You can also see where character meet and greets are taking place and at what time. For us this is a must.

We hope that you have found these tips helpful. These are some of the things we have learned throughout our many vacations to Disney World. We are sure there are far more tips out there and we recommend that you research your trip to ensure you have the most magical time at the happiest place on Earth.


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