21 Days Till Vacation!

We are 21 days away from leaving for our vacation in Disney! That makes 22 days till our Star Wars character breakfast! We are so excited! We’ve been counting down the days and making sure we have all we need. We thought we’d also share some of the things we’ve picked up specifically for vacation!

To start with we purchased 2 new beach towels. We don’t do all that much swimming but for some crazy reason we prefer to have our own with us. We also like to do this in case we run out of towels in our hotel room. We are hoping that we don’t, but in the past we have and were grateful to have had beach towels with us.


Considering Laura is not too fond of the summer clothing and typically doesn’t wear shorts very often she thought it would be wise to at least pick up a pair to have. It will be the end of May when we visit Disney so it’s better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them. She also picked up a jean skirt as something to easily change into at night.


She also purchased a few tank tops since we are anticipating warmer weather. Most of them are just normal tanks but one of them is her favorite. It’s a Disney Princesses tank top and will fit right into the theming of Disney!




Laura also picked up a cute set of pajamas. They are Cinderella themed and include a short sleeved top and capri bottoms. They are really soft and comfy which will be perfect for night after lots of walking around the parks!

Another item that we picked up was plastic bags. We got them at our local Dollar Tree and there are 3 in the box. We like to bring these because we find that it is easier to pack up some of our stuff in our luggage by putting certain items in the bags. For instance, we usually put our bathroom supplies like toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner in one bag because our clothes will be fine in the event of an unfortunate explosion. We also pack our underwear in them and find that as we use them throughout the week, the ones that are dirty go right in the bag. It also makes unpacking when we get home a little easier. We already know what is clean or dirty and whether it needs to be washed.


The last item we ordered online. It’s Laura’s Magic Band. She really couldn’t decide which one she wanted and was just going to opt for the regular pink one because Disney doesn’t offer a black one. They do offer a gray one but it just wasn’t what she wanted. In the end, Dave ordered her a Disney Princess Magic Band and she was beyond happy when it finally arrived. Here are some pictures of Laura’s Magic Band and 2 pictures of her wearing Dave’s Haunted Mansion Magic Band along with her own.

We have been having a lot of fun getting ready for our adventure in Disney. We can’t wait to see all that Star Wars Weekend has to offer. Don’t forget to check back in to see how our vacation ended up. We’ll be sharing lots of pictures (not that your surprised!)

Feel free to follow us on Twitter here. We will be tweeting from vacation!


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