Vacation Picture Favorites!


If you follow our blog then you probably already know that we are sort of obsessed with taking tons of pictures during our vacations. It’s become our thing to do and we are always trying to figure out new ways to make our pictures memorable. In this post we are going to share some of our favorite photos from past vacations. We hope that it will inspire you to take fun photos on your next vacation too!


Us enjoying a drink outside Margaritaville at City Walk.


Us trying out Antojito’s for the first time! (At CityWalk)


Laura and her mom sitting on a cowfish. (At CityWalk)


The two of us enjoying the Star Wars items at Downtown Disney.


Dave fixing a flat tire on our rental car! 😦


Dave with the shrunken head in London, Universal Studios.


Dave outside of Beetlejuice’s Graveyard at Universal Studios.


Us just relaxing in Springfield, Universal Studios.


Laura in front of the hippy/Day of the Dead van in CityWalk.


Laura trying to pick up a zombie in Universal Studios.


Laura and her mom waiting to start a behind the scenes tour of Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios.


Dave and Doc Brown staring each other down at Universal Studios!


Dave, Laura and her Mom and yes it looks like Laura is being felt up by Bart Simpson at Universal Studios!


Laura and Betty Boop at Islands of Adventure.


Laura and Dave flexing their muscles with Wreck it Ralph at Disney Quest.

We hope you enjoyed checking out some of our favorite pictures we’ve taken during our vacations. With good weather finally arriving we hope it will inspire you to take memorable and fun photos of your vacations and adventures!


18 thoughts on “Vacation Picture Favorites!”

  1. Love the photos. The freaky thing is, we have some taken in exactly the same places. (Eg. Standing at the front corner of the Knight Bus). With all the distance between our home towns, it’s amazing to see we have been in the same spot, albeit at different times.

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      1. Exactly! I used to make many a scrapbook. Photos have to be one of the best inventions. To capture and keep a moment in time is priceless. So snap, snap away!! 🙂 🙂 Xo

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      2. Well even just a collection of photo albums is great! It bugs me that I probably have 7000 photos on my newer and 2 old cellphone’s that I keep strictly b/c my photos are on there.
        You only live once my friend. So every picture even in just an album is as beautiful as any scrapbook could ever be. Plus, if I’m looking at someone’s photos honestly I’m admiring the photos more than the scrapbook skills. Also with your nail art talent, what you do make scrapbook wise probably looks perfect. Your just a perfectionist and trust I know how that feels! I’ve learned that the perfection is actually in the imperfection if that makes sense.. xo

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      3. That makes total sense. Sometimes I can be a little hard on myself. I guess I should just stop judging and go with the flow a little more but at least I’m trying to work on not being so up tight! My husband says I’m getting there! 🙂
        Can you transfer those photos onto a computer? After my grandma passed away I took all of her photos and scanned them and put them on my computer then I did the same with my moms pictures. After scanning about 10k pictures I was finally done! It took me weeks! Now I have thousands of pictures on my computer and they are all backed up in case I kill the computer. It might be worth it to try and do that (but it does take awhile!)

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      4. I actually don’t have a computer. I just need to save up and go get all of my pictures developed at Walmart. Before I lost all my album’s I used to love just flipping through them.
        Yes, something tells me your scrapbook skills are just fine! That’s ALWAYS a bonus when the husband notices change. Good for him! And you! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      5. Oh thanks so much. Somedays it just feels like I’m a work in progress but it’s nice to know he notices the changes! Do you do all your blogging via phone? If so that is amazing! I wouldn’t be able to do it from my phone or even a tablet. That would be so hard. Even more kudos for you making it work and doing an incredible job at it!

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      6. Yep. Have to write and edit all my photos on my phone. Once uploaded I do a quick scan on my tablet for spelling errors, correct placement and so on then zip back to my cell to fix anything. It takes an entire day to write, properly use my light box, edit photo’s, edit post. It’s exhausting but that’s why it’s a passion. The work is worth it. If a person isn’t passionate about blogging they won’t and don’t last.
        🙂 🙂 🙂

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      7. Wow that really is a lot of work. I am lucky enough to have a computer (and a husband that builds them!) He’s hard at work right now making himself a top of the line computer. He just got most of his parts in the mail so he was so excited to show me them when I got home from work. That must be hard to do all of that from a phone though! I know for me just using my camera and camera on my phone and writing my posts on the computer is hard enough It’s like my own part time job! In my opinion all your hard work is really showing b/c I am loving your blog and now knowing the behind the scenes process it makes me love it even more. 🙂

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      8. Oooo! New computer parts is a great thing! 🙂
        I still have the screenshots I took that another blogger kindly shared on proper photography, and quite some time ago it was suggested that I do better photo’s using a proper light box. I will have to email you pictures of how I built mine. You’ll laugh when you see it! But it work’s great and that’s all that matters. Awe Thanks Laura. You are too kind my friend! 🙂 🙂

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      9. I’m really Sorry it’s taking me forever to get back to you via email but I shall get on it today. I’ll send you the screenshots of idea’s of how to prop stuff up and my “test” run light box which actually work’s just fine.(All you need is a cardboard 😉

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