Nail Art #25- Simple Pink


With this nail look I wasn’t in the mood to make things complicated so I decided to go with a pretty pink and add a little fun by using glitter on my ring fingers. It was really easy and quick to do which is probably why I like it so much!


1.) I started out by applying Sally Hansen Hard as Nails for a basecoat.

2.) I then applied 2 coats of L.A. Colors in Nectarine.

3.) I then applied a matte top coat to all my nails except for my ring fingers. I used Pure Ice.

4.) I then applied a silver sparkle polish by Beauty Concepts on my ring fingers.

5.) I finished off my ring fingers with a speed drying top coat by Nutra Nail.

Even though I used a nectarine color it ended up looking more pinkish than orange which is why I called it Simple Pink. I love this color for Spring and Summer and will probably be doing more with it throughout these seasons.


One thought on “Nail Art #25- Simple Pink”

  1. Beautiful choice and matches your fabulous rings too! The Ice polish is actually really good stuff. I just bought a few to try and love them. 🙂

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