Fabulous Findings- Ariel Meets Barbie Bracelet


A few weeks back I was looking through other blogs and I came across a post from The Glitter Mirror. In her post she was reviewing some items sent to her from Zoe’s Barbie Shoes, a shop selling handmade jewelry mostly featuring Barbie shoes (some also feature Disney Princesses and even Marilyn Monroe!) While reading her review, it immediately brought me back to my childhood which consisted of a messy room with Barbie’s shoes strewn about. I can even remember stepping on them and thinking I stepped on another one!

After reading The Glitter Mirror’s post I knew I had to check out Zoe’s Barbie Shoes Etsy shop. I was fascinated by the cool creations she had received. I immediately visited the shop and checked out all the other creations. I was thrilled with what I saw. Now I have just recently begun making some of my own jewelry which made me decide that I had to have one.

As I wandered around  the shop, I just kept getting more and more excited with what I found. I ended up purchasing an Ariel Barbie bracelet. I figured with our Disney trip right around the corner I could sport it while visiting the World! The bracelet itself was a child’s size but I figured I’d try it out anyways because it had an extension on it and my wrists are not very large.


After completing my order I rather impatiently waited for it to arrive. I was so shocked with what I found inside. Not only did they ship the bracelet I had purchased but Zoe’s Barbie Shoes were kind enough to send me some free gifts!


The free gifts included an Ariel ring and a fun Barbie shoe key ring! I was beyond ecstatic and really felt the shop had outdone themselves. They also were kind enough to send along a handwritten note thanking me for my business. I found this to be really nice and sincere. Along with the note was a discount code to receive 20% off my next purchase at the shop or another shop owned by the same person with fairly similar items. That shop is called ShockValues.

I was so impressed with the great customer service and genuineness of this shop that I have been recommending it to everyone I know. My sister is really loving the shop and will be placing her first order soon! I know I will be purchasing again and really have my eye on a Barbie shoe rosary . I just can’t wait to make another purchase from Zoe’s Barbie Shoes and I recommend that if you like the items I got to check out both shops because the items are a lot of fun and the shop is great with it’s customers.



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