My First Ipsy Bag!!


A few weeks back I got my first Ipsy Bag! I was super excited to open it up. My first thought was that the package it is shipped in is really cute. It’s a bright fuschia color, one of my favorite colors!


To start out I’ll describe the bag. It is multi-colored with really nice Spring hues. It is woven and reminds me of a beach bag and has a thin lining on the inside.


Not including the bag there was 5 items included in this month’s bag. The first item was Klorane Dry Shampoo with oat milk. It has a very light smell. I’ve used a dry shampoo in the past but I’ve never really taken to it. Other dry shampoo products I’ve used in the past have left my hair feeling dirty. I’m hoping this one will work better for me.


The next item included was Nude Dude- mini eyeshadow. The color is called Fit and it is a bronze like color. This particular color is great. It’s very similar to eyeshadow colors that I prefer to wear so I am really excited to try it out.

Next in the bag is a small perfume roller called Sophisticated and Sensual. The scent seems to me like a mild floral smell. I’m not too sure if I will use it or not. I am very sensitive to perfume and cologne and tend to get headaches from them. I typically use a fruity body spray because it’s better than walking around with a headache all day. So far this scent has not given me a headache but I haven’t had it on for very long. I’m hoping I will be able to use it otherwise I’ll probably end up giving it to my mother or sister.


Another item in the bag was Melted by Too Faced in Melted Peony. I really like this lipstick. It goes on really smoothly and I really like the applicator on the tip. It’s a small sponge that releases the liquid lipstick as it is squeezed. It doesn’t feel sticky or appear to dry up so I will be using this and might even look to purchase other colors.

The last item and probably my favorite item in the whole bag was a Julie nail polish. The color is damsel and it is a really pretty fuschia color. I am always on the lookout for new polishes and I have never used this brand before so I am really excited to try this one out. Also included was a $1.00 coupon for any Jesse’s Girl or Julie product at Rite Aid. I have purchased quite a bit of polishes from Rite Aid in the past so I will more than likely be using this coupon.


Overall I really like the items included in this month’s Ipsy bag. I intend to at least try them all out and I am looking forward to seeing what is in next month’s bag!


19 thoughts on “My First Ipsy Bag!!”

  1. Lovin the bag style this month. Super cute. And anything by TheBalm cracks me up and Fit is no exception! Congrats on your 1st Ipsy bag too! 🙂

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