Born Pretty Mini Haul

I have finally received my order from Born Pretty. This was the first time  I had ever ordered from them so I kept my order fairly small. I am extremely glad that I did only place a small order because it took forever to be shipped. I figured it would take a little bit of time but after waiting over a month I started to doubt that it would ever arrive. I was so shocked when Dave brought in a package from the mailbox and it was my order.

Here is what I ordered.

Fashion Color Nail Polish Varnishi Nail Art #61


Temperature Change Colour Nail Polish Fashion Multicolor Nail Polish #104


White False Nail tips Art Display Practice Wheel Board


Nail Art Practice Finger Display Training False Nail


Black Stylish Sports Wave Hair Band Headband Women


Three Items Born Pretty Lucky Bag Secret Gift Packs

Aesthetic 3D Nail Art Sticker Pretty Floral Patterned 1 Sheet #H005


Overall I am really excited to try out the nail polishes, especially the temperature change one. I also can’t wait to start using the nail art stickers because they look like a lot of fun. I wasn’t really happy about the time it took to receive my order but overall I am happy with what I received.


21 thoughts on “Born Pretty Mini Haul”

      1. That is really neat! Makes sense that it should work but you never know. You’ve lovely shaped hands and nails too. Meant to mention that yesterday. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      2. Awe… You’ve nice long finger’s so you really needn’t worry about it. (And I’d know! As ma finger’s though I be tall look like sausages.. Okay speaking in a Western Twang just doesn’t work when writing!… lololols!)

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      3. Oh you’re so nice! I think I have weird hands and finger nails! lol My sister has big gorgeous finger nails and I tell her all the time how jealous I am. The only good thing is that she occasionally let’s me paint them! And you don’t have sausage fingers! lol 🙂

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      4. I’d give my eye teeth to do your nails! I love it too how you are jumping into the nail art world with your recent order of the practice wheel and such. You are already super good at doing your nails.

        Actually I wish you lived up here or I there. Blogging just isn’t working for me no matter what I do or how hard I try. I belong in the Vlogging world with my quirky self and odd humour I just know it. So, although I intend to segway into Vlogging, I’m thinking it would be so much more fun to have another person to bounce energy back & forth. Point being I think you are my perfect vlogg match!! 🙂
        And heck no!! You’ve lovely hand’s Laura! I’ll trade you hand’s later once we arrive to work you dressed as Belle and I as Aerial okay? LOL! 😉

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      5. That sounds like a plan! Sign me right up! I’ve thought about doing vlogging but my own insecurities has been what’s stopping me! It would be better to have someone to give me the energy to do it! I watch a lot of youtube videos, mostly whispering videos (I know it sounds creepy!) because it helps me fall asleep because I have sleeping issues! I also wish I didn’t have to work full time just so I could spend more time on my blog! But then again I do enjoy my Disney trips which get quite expensive! 🙂

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      6. I hear you about the insecurities big time! I’ve noticed that vloggers are starting to team up which makes sense. So much more topics one could cover. I thought forsure I’d do excellent at blogging but for whatever reason I’m not. And a large part of that is because my actual self isn’t being conveyed no matter what I try and do. Actually today I’m so fed up I almost feel like just shutting down my blog once a fulfil a few last campaigns. 😦
        Anyhoo, Yes you have the personality perfect for blogging and vlogging. People LOVE to watch couples so even you and the man doing one together would be awesome!! After watching Lizzie Velasquez (the one people called the world’s ugliest woman) nobody should feel down or insecure. Totally understand the sleep issues. I have a huge white noise maker going all the time Plus wearing my dream essentials mask helps.
        Your blog is AMAZING no doubt, but never quit going to Disney!! 🙂 >3


      7. Oh no don’t shut it down! I really enjoy it! Well I shouldn’t tell you not to shut it down (even though that makes me a sad!) As a friend I think you should do what makes you happy! I know for a fact that I have enjoyed your blogging and it’s also made me feel more confident. I mean my blog hasn’t been doing that great (stats wise) but I think I am just going to keep doing it. It’s really given me something to look forward to.
        Do you have more thoughts about teaming up vlogging? I’d love to hear your ideas and would be interested in trying it out. If you’re not looking for a partner in crime that’s ok too. You can always use me as a sounding bored if you wanted even if it was just for ideas and things. I would be more than happy to help however I can. 🙂

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      8. No don’t worry, I’ll not shut it down b/c it’s people like you Laura that keep me blogging. I’m just having one of those days… 🙂
        I don’t know how long you’ve been blogging but I have noticed you grow. You blog like a BOSS which is the point really. Be yourself, own who you are and you’ll never go wrong! 🙂
        Oh I’d love to have a vlog buddy! I’ve been studying about getting a YouTube channel up and running. I haven’t gotten to anything about team blogging yet. I know most team vloggers live in the same city easier for filming. But I’m hoping I’ll find something about vlogging without having to live in the same area. There’s so many great idea’s like you having to wear & do my make-up style & I’d have to use your products and do the same or clothing switching. The idea’s are endless really. I know some vloggers who don’t vlog together will do a closet recycle so I’d send you 10 item’s from my closet for you to head and vise versa.. Thank you!! I’ll be definitely keeping you in the loop and to bounce ideas once I learn everything. 🙂

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      9. That’s so exciting! It’s making me want to start vlogging! I’m just starting to get into the whole aspect of beauty products ( I usually don’t ever wear makeup unless you consider nail polish makeup! ) I’ve never really learned how to do it which is why I love watching tutorials. I bet you’d be really good at it too! Maybe you could do the whole blogging and vlogging together. Like making vlogs and then posting them to your blog. I know I’d be interested in them and it would probably get you more exposure that way too. I’ve been noticing that more people are doing that nowadays. My husband enjoys making videos of him and his friends messing stuff up like an airbag to a car being put in a microwave! lol He’s really a crazy guy! Or them doing burnouts in cars b/c his friend is a mechanic. Thankfully I can watch it from the safety of my house after all the destruction is done! lol 🙂

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      10. OMG that sounds fun!! 😀
        Yes if there’s one thing I AM good at is tutorials. I used to do a lot of them. I cannot afford the video upgrade for my WordPress website as of yet which is why I started a Sassafrass Facebook page. As for beauty vlogging be it nails, make up or anything, don’t know about you but I have a bad habit of talking to myself so yapping into a camera shouldn’t be much different lol! It’s so much easier to do tutorials while getting one’s personality and humor which is important to me, across rather than try and do photo by photo.
        Where your hubby already knows the in’s & outs of vlogging & editing, that would be perfect for you to start a vlog of your own! You’ve a teacher living with you! Goodness, if I had a man who vlogged even silly stuff I’d be picking his brain dry lol!! 🙂

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      11. Oh I can’t wait to see you doing tutorials! I think you’d be great at it!
        The hubby is way too smart for his own good! He’s like a computer/electronics genius. Plus he can fix and build anything! I got really lucky with him!!! 🙂

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      12. Sound’s like you both are the perfect fit and equally lucky!!! Which anytime I meet a couple who was meant to be I get all awes… 🙂

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