A Few of My Favorite Creations!

Since I’ve been sharing all of my nail art creations, good and bad, I figured I’d share which looks so far have been my most favorite.


I really loved the way this turned out. It was my very first creation and I am very thankful it came out great. Had it not turned out so well I probably would have given up!


I bought this set on a whim. I had seen it on clearance and thought to myself “it will never work but I’ll give it a try!” Not only did it work out well it was so easy. I really enjoyed the look of the velvet and still have more leftover to use in the future. It ended up being a steal!

20150122_130447This look is a favorite of mine because it came out great and was really easy. I love being able to use a glitter or speckled polish to add a little excitement to a fairly plain manicure.


I love this look because I have become completely obsessed with the matte look. It can be used on almost any polish. It’s simple yet creates a unique fun look.


Who doesn’t love animal print? It is one of my favorites and I loved being able to complete this look. I am not very good at free hand painting as of right now so being able to create an animal print using nail polish strips was a lot of fun. I also find the strips easy to use, it can’t get better than that!

Overall these were my most favorite nail art looks to date. I’m sure as I continue painting my nails there will be more I will like and I will continue to share with you. I have a few ideas that I want to try, especially a mini mouse inspired look that I haven’t tried yet!


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