Islands of Adventure


Islands of Adventure is one theme park we will never become tired of. Β There are so many things that we enjoy doing. Between the rides, the food and the picture spots, it will forever be one of our favorite places to visit on vacation.


We love being able to get on the Hulk Rollercoaster. We must mention that this rollercoaster is extremely intense. It’s so intense that the first time Laura went on it she was sure she had lost at least 3 years of her life! If you are adventurous we recommend you get on this ride when you visit the park. For those that prefer less intense rides, skip this one!

We also really enjoy the Jurassic Park area. Sadly the Jurassic Park sign has been moved to a new location. We believe this was done to accommodate the highly anticipated new King Kong ride. It’s been rumored that Universal is adding a King Kong themed ride (a new ride is definitely going into this area it just hasn’t been officially announced that it will be King Kong.) We feel as though this will work well into the dinosaur themed area. Once it is fully completed it will be visible from The Cabana Bay Beach Resort. When we stayed there we could see not only the Jurassic Park ride but also the construction for the new ride, right from the hotel’s parking lot. Hopefully it will be completed quickly and the construction updates we’ve seen from Youtube appear as if it is moving along quickly.

Another favorite of ours is Seuss’ Landing. This is one of the first themed areas within the park. All of the themeing makes you feel as if you had walked right into a Dr. Seuss book. The detailing is great and the area is extremely kid friendly. We always make sure to take lots of pictures because they always turn out great!

We also really loved Marvel Island (this also includes the Hulk Rollercoaster.) Dave is a huge comic book fan so this is also a must see for us. If you are visiting the park with a fan this will be a place they will love to see. It is also home to the Spiderman ride which is quite enjoyable. Smaller children may be frightened by the ride but in our opinion after going on it they will change their minds.


Islands of Adventure has a lot to offer. If you are planning on visiting Universal Studios we would recommend getting a park hopper pass. This is necessary to ride the Hogwart’s Express which can take you back and forth to each park. We personally prefer to have multi day park tickets so we can take our time and really see everything. If you can not afford the extra expense we would recommend at least a park hopper because each park has so much to offer.


23 thoughts on “Islands of Adventure”

    1. Yup it’s in Orlando. Hogwarts is located in this park. It’s one of our favorites. Diagonal Alley is in the other park! Sometimes we book through Universal’s website because they let you pay over time. You should check it out!

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      1. It’s so worth it. For us, the most expensive part is airfare. It totally jacks up the price for us. We like to have everything completely paid for before our vacation arrives. Lately we’ve been staying on property cutting down the need for rental cars, it helps keep the price down. Just make sure you research everything so you don’t pay too much!

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      2. Budget is definitely important, so thank you for that advice as well! ❀️❀️ One day we’ll all save up and just buy some floo powder so the travel expense won’t be so much… I wonder how much floo powder goes for these days? πŸ˜“πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

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  1. That’s it!!! You’ve both convinced me I need to start visiting these places somehow. I want on that Hulk ride! And holy amazing details from props to architecture.

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      1. I never really understood the big deal when I was 20 or so but now I get it! Your Aerial/shoe bracelet is pretty sweet too! I am so excited for you both as time is clicking down.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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