Nail Art Utensils Haul

I just received a shipment of nail art utensils that I purchased through Ebay. All of these items were inexpensive. I thought that these would come in handy while creating my nail art.

The first thing I ordered was a nail art brush set. The set included 15 different brushes and a small bag like tote to keep all the brushes contained together. The handles of the brushes are pink and the tote is red. They don’t really match but I’m ok with that. I will mostly be using these at home and won’t have to sport them out anywhere so it doesn’t bother me very much.

I also ordered a set of dotting tools. I already have some dotting tools but they are not part of a complete set. I really wanted to get a complete set so that I could use all the different sizes and try to use it to show gradient sized dots. I’m sure I will be testing it out soon and I will be sure to share how it works out.

I had been reading different blogs and I’ve seen it mentioned a few times that crystal nail files work much better than regular files do. I decided to test it out and have found that these work so much better than normal files. I will be using these all the time now!

I also decided to get a new stamper because the one I already have hasn’t been working for me. As soon as this one came in I immediately began trying it out. Unfortunately it isn’t going well. For some reason it just won’t transfer the image onto my nails. I am going to be purchasing (hopefully soon) some stamping polish. I hope that once I try that it will work. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

This entire order only cost me $13.65 and shipping was free. I am so glad that I purchased them all and can’t wait to really use them. If you have any nail stamping tricks feel free to let me know in the comments below. I could really use them!


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