A Surprise From the Husband!

My husband Dave is an all around great guy. He works in the construction field and is always finding great things. Most of the stuff he gets is because people are going to throw items out because they are getting new ones. For example dishwashers, light fixtures and furniture.

On one of his latest jobs, he was converting a former photography studio into a rentable space for a different business. On this particular site, all of the contents leftover were being trashed. Part of the contents was this little gem, that he so kindly took home for me!

Everything in the beauty case by Cameo was completely new and unused. I was so excited especially for the case itself because the one I already had become cracked (and a little dusty!)

This is what the set included-


3 mini bottles of nail polish, a nail file, cuticle stick, separators, and 2 little wooden sticks

3 lipsticks

2 lipglosses


3 eyelines and sharpener


a mirror compact and another mirror compact with a slot for eye shadows


4 containers of eye shadow with 4 different colors in each (they fit perfectly in the mirrored compact)

20150327_184506a bronzer

20150327_1845303 different colored blushes (although 2 of them had broke)


3 different colored glitter lip glosses

I was so surprised when he came home with this for me. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but now I think I might have to. I also really love the new case because I can finally toss out the old broken one I have!


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