Vacation Countdown- 37 Days Left!

We can’t believe our vacation is almost here! In 37 days we will be in bright sunny Orlando exploring Star Wars Weekend. This will be our first time visiting the park during this event and we are so excited to find out why everyone loves it!

In preparation for our vacation, we made a few purchases to get into the whole theme of Star Wars. Some of these items were purchased specifically for Star Wars Weekend and others were birthday gifts that Dave received.

Laura also made a few purchases in preparation for swimming. Now we’ve been going back and forth with this and are wondering your thoughts. To explain, Laura is fairly modest. Not modest to the point where she needs to be completely covered up but modest to the point where chances are you will never see cleavage and you certainly wouldn’t catch a glimpse of butt cheek. Dave feels that her choice in swimwear is “old lady” where as Laura will never be caught in a bikini. Here is what she bought for swimwear.

What are your thoughts about the bathing suit? Is it old lady or will it be fine? Thanks for your thoughts!


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