Souvenir Photos!

If you’ve been following our blog you more than likely already know that we love to take pictures while we are on vacation. One might even say we go a little over board! In addition to taking our own photos we also enjoy checking out the souvenir photos that the theme parks offer.

Most theme parks take pictures of the park goers while they are on the rides. Once the ride is complete they offer you the ability to purchase these pictures to keep as a memento of your vacation. Some parks also offer packages that allow you to purchase these pictures at a discounted price and some also offer you the ability to purchase them from home once your vacation is over.

We don’t always take advantage of picture packages, it just depends on where we are on our trip. Over the years though we have managed to collect quite a few, mostly from Universal Studios Orlando and Walt Disney World.

Here are a few of the ones we have purchased throughout the years.

The Mummy at Universal Studios- Orlando


Jurassic Park -Islands of Adventure


Transformers at Universal Studios-Orlando


The Hulk- Islands of Adventure


Holding an alligator- International Drive


Belle- At Epcot


These are just a few of the many souvenir photos we have collected over the years! If you are planning on visiting Disney World or Universal Studios we recommend looking into the photo packages that each offer. They are a great way to take a little piece of your trip back home with you. If you enjoy scrapbooking it will be a great addition to your book.


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