Dragon Mirror


Another gift Dave gave me for Christmas was a wall mounted dragon mirror. I have a small obsession with dragons and he knows me well so for a holiday gift he new I would like this.

It is currently mounted on our bedroom wall above our bed. Hopefully he did a good job hanging it because if it falls while we are sleeping well, let’s just say we won’t wake up!

It does have a spot to place a candle and apparently when Dave was purchasing it the picture showed it displayed with a burning candle in it. He thinks it would be a great idea to burn a candle in it but I won’t let him do it. He doesn’t seem to understand that there is no place for the candle wax to go but down…. on our bed! Sure, I’d love to be able to burn a candle in it but not at the expense of the new bedding set I just bought!

Overall though I love the look of this and will eventually get around to placing a candle in it. One that Dave is not allowed to light!

Here are some pictures showing the detailing.

Please leave a comment below about whether or not you would burn a candle in it. Maybe then he will understand!


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