Theme Park Parades


Theme parks often run daily parades. We personally do not enjoy them very much and use that time as an opportunity to hit up rides when other theme park goers are lining the streets for the parades.


Although we do not really enjoy them that doesn’t mean that everyone feels the same way. It can be a great way to take a few minutes and stop and just enjoy the moment. It is also a great way to see different characters that you might not get to see.


On our last day at Universal Studios we managed to get stuck in the path of the parade. We didn’t have an opportunity to duck away as the street got roped off for the parade to pass through.

We ended up enjoying ourselves and tried to take some pictures. This particular parade ranged from Spongebob characters to roller skating fish. (Whomever thought up this parade has quite the imagination!)

It also included Despicable Me characters. Watching a dancing Gru surrounded by his minions was also quite entertaining.

Overall parades are just not our thing but if you are attending the park with little ones it’s a great opportunity for them to take in everything that is going on. Most kids seem to really enjoy the experience so we would recommend seeing a parade  at least once on your trip


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