Nail Art # 21- Added Sparkle

I finally got around to using the O.P.I set that I purchased in a big haul a little while back. The set contains two different polishes that are part of the Nicole by O.P.I line.

The first one is Pretty in Plum. It is a darker plum like color. I really like it for two reasons: darker colors make my fingers look thinner and because it seems like a matte top coat would look great (yup still obsessed with the matte look!)

The second polish is much smaller than the first bottle, it’s more of a mini bottle. It is also part of the Nicole by O.P.I line and it’s called Gumdrops. It is a thick silver sparkle polish. I really like it because it works well as an accent nail.

What I did to create this look.

1.) I started out with a base coat by Sally Hansen- Hard As Nails.


2.) I then applied two coats of Pretty in Plum to all my fingers. I allowed drying time between each coat.


3.) I then used the mini silver polish to try to create an upside down french. I used tape to act as a guide, although it didn’t help me very much.

4.) I then tried to make a single line in silver to run from the silver french part to the top of my nail.

5.) I topped it off with a coat of Nutra Nail speed drying top coat.

Here is another look.

I was inspired by the examples on the back of the O.P.I box. It didn’t really turn out great but I liked the idea of this look. I’ll just have to try it all again and hope it comes out much better the next time around!


5 thoughts on “Nail Art # 21- Added Sparkle”

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