April Horror Block


Dave is a fan of all things horror. Halloween, horror, scary movies, he loves it all. He decided to subscribe to a monthly subscription box called Horror Block. This was his first time receiving a box so he was so excited to open it.


Here’s what was included-

Lee Howard Print

Key Cap- Clown themed


Walking Dead Bag


Wind Up Mummy

Rue Morgue- magazine


Dixon Motorcycle Repair shirt (Walking Dead)


Overall, Dave really enjoyed the contents of this month’s box. He really liked the Dixon Motorcycle Repair t-shirt and the Lee Howard print. It will more than likely be hung in his man cave! Laura really likes the Walking Dead bag, it will be useful on our trips to Universal Studios!

Are you a horror fan? What’s your favorite horror movies? Let us know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “April Horror Block”

  1. I actually got excited to see the Changling featured on the cover of the magazine. I was about 13 years old when I got a tour of the one of the buildings they used in the movie (not the main house). If you havn’t seen it, you must (the movie, not the building! :))! Brilliant haunted house story featuring George C. Scott. 🙂

    I love horror too, but I’m picky, there has to be a story. I love love love psychological horror.

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