Bentley Goes To The Vet!


Some of you might already know that we have a German Shepherd named Bentley. We don’t have any children so we like to think of her as our baby and a baby she certainly is. We know she looks like a big scary dog, seriously you wouldn’t want to see a big dog like her running up to you but she is the biggest cuddle bug around.


It just so happened to be time to take her for her annual checkup at the vets, something she HATES doing. She has always disliked going to the vets and apparently has scared the you know what out of our vet because we are required to give her medication before we take her. It ends up being quite a process which is ironic because she loves going to the groomers!


In order for us to take her we have to go to the vets the day before the visit and pick up a sedation medication. About 3 hours before her appointment we have to give her a treat with the pills hidden inside. It’s actually quite traumatizing for us because she gets what we refer to as “drunk.” It’s as if she is a college student that’s been celebrating Spring Break all night at a bar. The poor thing can barely walk and her eyes become blood shot. She also requires help getting up and down our stairs and even needs help to get up on the couch or beds.


Once it’s time for her appointment we “put her clothes on” which is our way of saying her harness and leash. We get her into the car with our assistance because she just isn’t able to do it herself.

Arriving at the vet her whole demeanor changes. She gets really spooked and basically tries to sit in our laps while whining as if she is going to be hurt. It’s really really sad. Then the vet’s assistant will come out and weigh her. She’s a total of 71 lbs. of baby! Next they require her to be muzzled which we really don’t like. Bentley has never been aggressive to anyone, people or animals. She is then led into the back where they take her blood and give her the necessary shots. Once that is all finished we take the muzzle off and bring her outside so she can relax a little bit.


Then it’s time to bring the big baby home where she spends the rest of the day sleeping off the medication and drunkenly meandering around the house. Luckily all is well with her and she passed her exam with flying colors. She is one healthy pup!

Now we understand that German Shepherds are considered “an aggressive breed” but we are wondering if this whole process seems right? Do you think we should have to sedate her and muzzle her to bring her to the vet? If you own a dog that is considered “an aggressive breed” does your vet require you to go through this whole process? Your thoughts would be very much appreciated because we are really thinking about finding another vet!


6 thoughts on “Bentley Goes To The Vet!”

  1. Bentley looks like a big, sweet baby! I’ve never heard of a vet requiring such steps, particularly for a dog without a history of aggression. It would be worth calling around to other vets. But, then, what do I know? I’m a cat.

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      1. No problem. It’s definitely worth looking into. My Little Mom owned a dog sitting service for ten years – taking care of dogs of all breeds – and in all that time never heard of a vet requiring sedation. A muzzle occasionally, depending on the dog (my vet tends to use them with really little dogs, not big ones), but not sedation. And the fact that Bentley does well with the groomer is a good sign that she doesn’t require such methods. Good luck!

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  2. Something is not right there for sure. I think you are right to find another vet. If Bentley was an agressive dog, then I could see taking the precautions, but this feels like it could be very traumatizing for her. Especially if she likes the groomers.

    If you are wondering if you should change vets, then clearly you feel something is wrong. I say follow your gut and find someone else. Maybe even make arrangements to take Bentley on a “tour” with no poking or proding but just some friendly pets and a treat so she gets used to the smell. That way when you bring her for an official visit its not new. Just my two cents. šŸ™‚

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    1. I really like this idea! I feel like she is traumatized after the visit and we are too! I can also empathize with the vet but only to a certain degree. I mean if they are scared of big dogs than maybe they should not be in the business they are in! Thanks for your thoughts!

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