Nail Art #20-Gone Horribly Wrong


I was inspired to create this look because of other bloggers I had seen create this look. Now when they created their look it came out wonderful and looked fabulous. My attempt did not turn out the same.

Here’s what I did to create this look.

1.) I started out applying a base coat by Sally Hansen called Hard As Nails.

2.) I then applied a coat of black by L.A. Colors.

3.) Once that was dry I attempted to paint small squares over the black so that the black created an outside border around my nail. I used Toes in the Sand by Pop-arazzi to create the nude look.

4.) After allowing drying time I used a black by The Color Workshop to try and fix the black border. This polish has a small brush that is helpful to create fine lines.

5.) Once it was all dry I finished the look off with a speed drying top coat by Nutra Nail.

Here is the finished look.


I really like this look when I see it on other people but I don’t think I have a steady enough hand yet to really make this look work. I’m sure I’ll try it again because sometimes we must fall and get back up and try again to be successful.

Have you ever attempted a look that just went wrong? Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Nail Art #20-Gone Horribly Wrong”

  1. I have this nail look on my Instagram. Try painting the white base on the whole nail and then outline in black carefully on the edges. No worries if it gets messy. Just clean it up with nail polish remover when you’re completely done!

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