LED Color Changing Candles


For Christmas, Dave gave me a set of color changing LED candles. They are made of wax and are a little delicate. He ordered them in the mail and when they first came in the wax was completely cracked. He contacted the company they were purchased from and then sent them back. The second set I got was not cracked and in very good shape.


The set includes 3 different sized candles, and each one is slightly bigger than the next. I really like these candles because they are completely flameless and can be reused because they don’t melt away. They also do not have any scent to them.


Each candle operates on a battery and has it’s own on and off switch. They offer an array of different colors and even has the ability to change colors on it’s own. It is controlled by a remote. As long as the candles are set to on the remote can be used to turn them on and off or rotate between colors.


The only down side that I have found is that if the switch on the candles are left on (but not actually lit up) the batteries drain fairly quickly. I usually leave them in the off position and flip the little switch to on when I want to use them.

Have you ever seen these before and would you use them? Let us know in the comments!


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