Welcome to Springfield, U.S.A!!!


On our Universal Studios trip back in October we finally got to experience everything Universal added to create Springfield, U.S.A, or the home of the Simpsons. We were really excited to see all the additions because we had watched countless Youtube videos while we patiently counted down the days to our trip. We were thrilled to learn that it did not disappoint. The best part is you don’t have to be Simpsons knowledgeable to enjoy the themed area.

Universal added so many things. One of the new additions was Duff Brewery. It’s a nice little area to stop and get a cold beverage and sit around and look at the beautiful surroundings. We didn’t stop and get a drink there because we were off to Moe’s Tavern.

We had a lot of fun visiting Moe’s Tavern. For starters it was air conditioned so it allowed us a little reprieve from the heat. The tavern itself is fairly small. On the day that we visited it was filled with a lot of people and made it difficult to get a seat. We ordered our drinks and waited for a table to free up. Once we got a table we enjoyed our drinks and people watching. Seeing people’s reactions to the great decor was a lot of fun.

Of course we had to get video of the Flaming Moe drink that they offered. It came in a souvenir cup. The drink itself was a citrus like non alcoholic drink. On the bottom of the cup is a small compartment that has dry ice in it. As the drink touches the dry ice it creates a smoke like appearance hence the flaming. The only down side is that if you do purchase it you now have to carry the cup around with you throughout the rest of the park. We rented a locker at the beginning of the day so we quickly went to the locker and stashed it in there.

There  is also plenty of places to eat. We didn’t have an opportunity to eat at any of them because at the point we stopped and visited we were just not hungry.  Above are just two places to get something to eat, Krusty Burger and Bumble Bee Man’s Food Truck. Maybe we will try and eat there on our next visit to Universal Studios.


A few years back Universal swapped out it’s Back to the Future ride for a Simpsons ride. We absolutely love the ride although we did enjoy Back to the Future. The ride is set up like the former ride except it is all Simpsons themed. For us it is a must see and if you can handle motion rides we suggest that you stop and see it on your visit to Universal Studios.

There was so much to see and do in Springfield, U.S.A. We absolutely enjoyed ourselves and we can’t wait to visit again. Have you had the opportunity to visit? Let us know in the comments!


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