Nail Art # 18- Easter Inspired

In honor of the Easter holiday I decided to turn my nails into speckled eggs!

Here’s what I used-


And here is how I completed this look.

1.) I started out by soaking my nails in warm water and cuticle oil by Pop-Arazzi.

2.) Once that was completed I applied a top coat by Sally Hansen, Hard As Nails.

3.) I then applied two coats of Jesse’s Girl in Baby Cakes.


4.) I then applied Cupid’s Arrow by L.A. Colors. It’s mostly a clear coat with white and pink sparkles.

5.) After all of that was dry I applied a speed drying top coat by Nutra Nail.

6.) Once I had finished that I used nail polish remover to try and clean up the edges.

This was the finished look.

Have you created any looks for Easter?


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