Liebster Award Nomination 2015


Holy macaroni! We were just nominated for another Liebster Award. The nomination was given to us by the fabulous J and K’s Disney Adventures. We would like to thank them for thinking of us for this nomination and for reading our blog. Please check out their blog for all things Disney!

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award.

1.) Thank the person that nominated you.

2.) Answer the questions given by the person nominating you.

3.) Nominate other bloggers and let them know about their nomination. (Generally a comment left on their page is sufficient.) Don’t forget to link your post!

4.) Create a list of questions for your nominees to answer.

Now time to answer some questions!

1. Who is your personal hero?

Laura’s personal hero would have to be her grandmother. She was the most wonderful, caring and thoughtful person anyone could imagine. She left a mark on everyone she met.

2. What inspires you to write the most?

I’m inspired by things happening in our lives.

3. What other hobbies besides writing do you have?

Crafting, photography, nail art, traveling

4. How did you get into blogging?

We wanted a way to share our experiences with other people. It started as a way to share our travels to Florida and has now morphed into other topics as well.

5. If you had to chose one person to live with on an island for the rest of your life, who would it be?

I’d have to say my husband. He’s just an all around great person and he’s pretty handy. I’m sure that would help being on an island all alone.

6. What is your biggest goal in life?

To be happy and live in the moment. It’s to easy to take for granted all the wonderful things in life. I like it best when life can be enjoyed and my husband and myself can just go with the flow and enjoy everything together.

This time around we would like to focus on our fellow Disney bloggers. Please check them out because they offer some great tips and insight into the world of Disney!

And now for the nominations!

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Now time for the questions!

1.) Which Disney character do you resemble the most?

2.)What is your favorite Disney movie?

3.) What is your favorite Walt Disney World park?

4.) What is your favorite Walt Disney World resort?

5.) What is your favorite restaurant in Walt Disney World?

6.) If you could create your own ride in Walt Disney World what would it be?

7.) Which Disney princess if your favorite?

Thank you for reading and congrats to all the nominees! Please check out their blogs. They are a great Disney resource for all Disney vacation planning and tips.


Nail Art # 24-Simply Blue


This nail art look was very easy to do. There isn’t very much “art” that goes into it and helps to keep the look very simple. Sometimes I find it nice to just add a little something to spice up a manicure instead of doing something on every nail.

Here is how I created this look.

1.) I applied a top coat by Nutra Nail.

2.) I then applied two coats of Sail La Vie by Sinful Colors. (This is quickly becoming one of my favorite blue nail polish shades.)


3.) Once that was completely dry I applied a top coat by Nutra Nail and then placed a flower embellishment from a Fing’rs Kit (I purchased this kit awhile back) on my ring fingers and thumbs. I had to apply another coat of Nutra Nail over the embellishments to get them to stay on. I also had to continue to apply pressure to them with tweezers so that they would attach to my nails.

This is the completed look.

29 Days Till Our Vacation

We are seriously counting down the days till we arrive at Disney World to celebrate Star Wars Weekends! This will be our first time attending this event and we are so excited to see all that the event has to offer.

We are not too interested in getting autographs because we don’t want to spend most of our time waiting in line. Having said that there are a few things we are really excited for.

We can’t wait for our Star Wars breakfast that features Star Wars characters. It will be the perfect opportunity for us to get pictures with some of our favorite characters.

We also can’t wait for the Star Wars parade that is held daily. Local and even non local Star Wars groups get all dressed up in costume and stroll down the streets of Hollywood Studios. We are hoping to get some fabulous pictures here as well.

The final thing we are super thrilled about is held at the end of the evening. We’ve heard and read that there is a giant fireworks finale that is held to close out the night. What better way to end a day at the happiest place on Earth?


We’ve also been getting ready to pack by picking up a few things that we will need. Dave also ordered himself a Magic Band. He decided to choose the Haunted Mansion themed Magic Band which is special edition. He absolutely loves it. Laura’s is already ordered and impatiently waiting on it’s arrival. Once it gets here we will be sure to share it.

What do you do to get ready for vacation? Let us know in the comments below!

More New Polishes!


I recently was browsing through Ebay and a set of metallic nail polishes caught my eye. I instantly needed to have them (see I told you I had no self control when it came to nail polishes!) I ordered them and impatiently awaited their arrival. I couldn’t wait to start using them.

This set of 12 metallic colors is by KleenColor. Each individual color is not only metallic but has a bit of a sparkle/glitter shimmer to it. Here they all are-

Metallic Aqua


Metallic Fuschia


Metallic Red


Metallic White


Metallic Mango


Metallic Pink


Metallic Purple


Metallic Black


Metallic Yellow


Metallic Sapphire


Metallic Orange


Metallic Green


I absolutely love these colors. The only downside that I have found so far is that the polish itself is a little thick and that the brushes are a little bigger than I would prefer. Overall I love how only one coat of polish is all that is necessary unless you prefer to apply more. This set was inexpensive and only cost me $14.50 with free shipping. I’m excited to use these in the future. I am thinking of attempting Disney inspired nails. Be sure to look for those in the future!

A Few of My Favorite Creations!

Since I’ve been sharing all of my nail art creations, good and bad, I figured I’d share which looks so far have been my most favorite.


I really loved the way this turned out. It was my very first creation and I am very thankful it came out great. Had it not turned out so well I probably would have given up!


I bought this set on a whim. I had seen it on clearance and thought to myself “it will never work but I’ll give it a try!” Not only did it work out well it was so easy. I really enjoyed the look of the velvet and still have more leftover to use in the future. It ended up being a steal!

20150122_130447This look is a favorite of mine because it came out great and was really easy. I love being able to use a glitter or speckled polish to add a little excitement to a fairly plain manicure.


I love this look because I have become completely obsessed with the matte look. It can be used on almost any polish. It’s simple yet creates a unique fun look.


Who doesn’t love animal print? It is one of my favorites and I loved being able to complete this look. I am not very good at free hand painting as of right now so being able to create an animal print using nail polish strips was a lot of fun. I also find the strips easy to use, it can’t get better than that!

Overall these were my most favorite nail art looks to date. I’m sure as I continue painting my nails there will be more I will like and I will continue to share with you. I have a few ideas that I want to try, especially a mini mouse inspired look that I haven’t tried yet!