Fun At Animal Kingdom

On our last visit to Disney we spent a good portion of the day in Animal Kingdom. We hadn’t been to this park in quite some time. It was a lot of fun to get to experience everything all over again.

One of our favorite rides is Expedition Everest- Legend of the Forbidden Mountain. It’s a rollercoaster ride set in the theming of the Himalaya Mountains. Disney does a great job of incorporating the legend of the Yeti, guardian of the mountain. This ride may be a little intense for the little ones but certainly is exciting for everyone else. The queue line was extremely long and took quite a bit of time. Overall though we loved the ride and really enjoyed all the details Disney put into creating a environment built around Mt. Everest.

One of our favorite places in Animal Kingdom is DinoLand, U.S.A. This area of the park is all themed around dinosaurs. It is also home to the ride DINOSAUR. This is one of Dave’s favorite rides. It somewhat reminds us of Jurassic Park. This ride is definitely intense. We hadn’t been on it in awhile and as we waited for what seemed like forever we tried to remember the ride. We didn’t realize how intense it had been in the past but we certainly remembered when we got off the ride. This ride was intense for us so it might not be ideal for smaller children.

We really love all the detailing that Disney has put into this park. We love being able to walk through the different lands. Africa and Asia are some of our favorites. It’s also nice to be able to eat at the different restaurants because they offer authentic foods from the different regions. It’s also fun to take pictures with characters at some of their meet and greets. Β This park is certainly a must see for everyone.

What is your favorite things about Animal Kingdom?


15 thoughts on “Fun At Animal Kingdom”

  1. I going go to Animal Kingdom in 32 days. After the Expedition Everest Challenge they open up the park for the runners, I am so excited to get to go through the park! (: I’m definitely going to hit up the Everest and DINOSAUR ride! (: Thanks for the lovely pictures in the day time!

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      1. I will try. It’s a night run, so they might not turn out very well. I this is my 3rd RunDisney race. I did the Princess Half Marathon and the Enchanted 10k. They were super fun! (: I recommend participating in them. You run run through the parks and meet Disney characters along the way. Everyone is super encouraging as well!

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      2. I’m not either, all that is required is to do a 16 minute mile and to keep that up. Even if you don’t finish, you recieve the medal. Nobody looks down on you for not finishing and everyone is very friendly! (:


  2. We visited in December. Loved it. Loved Expedition Everest. Loved Dinosaur. Love the jungly feel and brilliant plant life too. Loved Rainforest Cafe too – a favorite when we travel, along with the obligatory volcano desert.


  3. I just returned from Disney World this past weekend and I have to say I had not had much high of hopes for the Animal Kingdom. In fact the day I had scheduled the FP for Animal Kingdom was the day I, the 8 month pregnant mama, had decided to rest at the hotel. But alas when Animal Kingdom day arrived our oldest son and my husband fell ill and I was left to take our two year old daughter on my own, and I’m so glad I did!!! We couldn’t ride anything (other than the triceratops in Dinoland and the “choo choo”) considering her height and my condition but there was so much else to do and see that we had a delightful girl day of exploring together!

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