Out with the old and in with the new!


Since I have been doing a lot of Spring cleaning, I decided that we needed to get a new comforter set. I am not sure how other people like to sleep but I have to have a comforter to use year round. Of course Bentley agrees. Since she’s always sleeping on my bed (I hate it but I just can’t make her get off the bed!) I had to get a new comforter.

I ended up buying a whole new set that included a comforter, fitted sheet, regular sheet, 4 pillow covers and a small pillow. The color isn’t my personal favorite but it matches with our bedroom walls and Dave wouldn’t have appreciated something pink and frilly. It was fairly inexpensive. The whole set costed $45.00. I would have prefered something in a lighter color but with that silly little dog it’s impossible. For now I am just going to cover the new comforter with an older one so that it doesn’t get ruined while Bentley uses it as her lounge chair.


Hope you all have a fantastic day!


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