Nail Art # 16- 2 Different Looks


The other day I told you about the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips I purchased. Today I am going to show you the 2 different looks I created using 1 box of the nail polish strips.

I started out by doing my own nails. Here’s what I did.

1.) I used nail polish remover to take off my previous polish and to get rid of any oils on my nails.

2.) I then proceeded to measure the strips and figure out which size strip would work the   best for each nail. This gave me 6 strips leftover for which at this point I had little use for.

3.) I then applied each strip to each nail. I basically took off the backing and placed the strip as close to the cuticle as I possibly could. I then used the buffing stick included in   the set to smooth out the strip. This does take some time to ensure you don’t get any wrinkles or creases.

4.) I then removed the excess portion of the strip by using the nail file on the other side of    the nail buffer. This can also be a little challenging because in some instances the     excess  might need to be pulled off but too much pulling could result in ripping the strip.

5.) Once all of that is completed I then applied a top coat by Nutra Nail. I used a speed dry polish because it can be quite a process.

This is what it ended up looking like.

Since I had 6 strips leftover I decided to hijack my mother’s nails and used them on her. The extra strips fit her nails well so I decided to put them on her pinky nail, middle finger and thumb. I then proceeded to use a black polish by L.A. Colors on her remaining nails. Once the polish was all dry I added a matte finish top coat by Pure Ice to her nails that were painted black. I also applied Nutra Nail speed dry top coat to her nails with the strip.

This is what it looked like in the end.


She really loved the look and couldn’t wait to go to work and show all the ladies she works with. Overall we were both quite happy with the results of using nail polish strips by Sally Hansen.


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