Our Adventure in CityWalk


One of the reasons why we loved staying on Universal property back in October was because it was so convenient to get to CityWalk, the area located right between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

On this past trip, staying on property  made it so much easier for us to take advantage of all the great things CityWalk has to offer. There was also so many changes that Universal had made. They added some really great new restaurants in addition to some of the already great restaurants they had before the changes. They offer a few nightclubs for those that enjoy the party scene and many bars and shops. But that’s not all CityWalk offers. They are also the home of The Blue Man Group, a miniature golf course and a large movie theatre. There is certainly something for everyone.

We of course had to try some of the restaurants. We ate at Margaritaville, Antojitos and The Nascar Cafe. We decided to try the Nascar Cafe because it was going to be removed from CityWalk within a few days of us ending our vacation. We were pleasantly surprised that the restaurant had a lot to offer. The atmosphere was great and it was even better because we were able to put a Bruins game (my favorite hockey team) on to watch. We are not really sure the reasoning behind removing the restaurant but we can only hope that something even greater will replace it. We’ve heard through the rumor mill that the new restaurant may take on a WWE wrestling theme…. but who knows at this point!

We were a little disappointed to learn that the new Cowfish restaurant would not be opening for a week after our vacation ended. We were really excited to try out the burgers they had but unfortunately we didn’t get the opportunity. The restaurant has since opened and we’ve heard some really good reviews. Hopefully we get to check it out on our next Universal trip. I took a picture on a Cowfish anyways!

We also found a small little bar that overlooked the lake. It was a nice little area for us to sit, relax and enjoy the scenery. The bar offered souvenir cups that could be refilled for a cheaper price. We certainly took advantage of this great deal. (We don’t drink much, unless we are on vacation.) This ended up being our go to spot throughout the vacation.

We had so much fun exploring CityWalk and all the changes Universal had made. We hope that we can get back there soon and see everything we missed on this last trip.


6 thoughts on “Our Adventure in CityWalk”

  1. This was such a fun post. I felt like I was there especially with your pictures. I love that your focus is restaurants. I love fooodd! Too bad that cowfish wasn’t open. Sushi AND burgers?! hopefully you get to try it out next time.

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