Spring Cleanup

With Spring fast approaching we’ve started doing some major cleanup projects. I am currently working on getting our spare bedroom into tip-top condition. It’s almost become a closet for things we have no space for. I’ve also been working on organizing things. My first project has been my jewelry and scarves. I wear my jewelry and scarves fairly regularly so they need to be put away but also need to be easy enough to get to.

I ended up finding a hang-able jewelry organizer that is shaped to look like a little black dress. It’s double-sided and can hold anything from earrings to bracelets to necklaces. It’s also really convenient because I can hang it up right in my closet with all my clothes. I was able to find it at Wal-Mart for $9.99 so it was very inexpensive.

Fairly recently I had Dave hang a small little scarf rack in my closet. I was thinking that it would be helpful in keeping all the scarves I own (which is quite a few) organized and easy to get to. It’s hung up on the back of my closet and is just not working well enough for me. Most of the time my clothes get hung up on it and more often than not I find some scarves have slipped off and are in a pile on the closet floor. This made me grumpy so I had to find a solution. I ended up finding a scarf hangar that came in a two pack. This is far more manageable than my scarf rack. I found it at Five Below and it was $5.00. Now I can easily get to my scarves and not find them on the floor.

Now with both of those checked off my spring cleaning to do list I can finish off our spare bedroom and hopefully find some sort of shelving for my nail polish. They are currently being stored in a shoe box and small container so that must change.

Do you have any spring cleaning activities going on?


9 thoughts on “Spring Cleanup”

      1. That way you could see all your nail polish at once. Same way for me but with my necklaces. They were all in a box or in a drawer. Then I had them displayed in my shadowbox post and I use my necklaces to their full potential now!

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