Nail Art # 14- Half Polka Dotted!


Here is what I did to create this look.

1.) I applied a base coat by Sally Hansen called Hard As Nails.

2.) Once that dried I applied 2 coats of Sail La Vie By Sinful Colors.

3.) After waiting for the 2 coats to dry I used a white art nail polish by The Color Workshop to make a fine line as a french
tip. I used the same polish to then fill in the tip.

4.) After all of that was dry I poured out some of the Sail La Vie by Sinful Colors and used my dotting tool to make the
polka dots over the white tip.

5.) I finished off the look with a top coat by Pure Ice.

I didn’t do a great job cleaning up the edges but I ended up changing the nail polish the next day anyways. I really liked the blue color but I ended up not really liking the french tip and polka dots. I might try to do this look again in the future.


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